How to Create PDF Books in Lightroom

Hi! Barbara here to share a tutorial on creating a PDF book from your scrapbook pages. Did you know that if you’ve got Lightroom (LR) version 5 (I believe you can do this in version 4 as well), that with the click of just a few buttons you can turn your collection of scrapbook pages into an awesome PDF book that you can carry on your tablet or share with family and friends? Seriously, it’s a great thing!


I have been digi scrapping for 10+ years and only recently acquired LR. Where has LR been all these years and why didn’t someone take me aside years ago and tell me that I simply HAD to have it?! I love it! OK, you really don’t HAVE to have LR to digi scrap, but you can accomplish some pretty awesome things with it. One of those awesome things is that you can easily create a PDF book out of your photos or scrapbook pages. This is done in the BOOK MODULE. When you click around in LR’s Book Module you will see that there are lots of different things you can do. In today’s post I’m going to show you how to create a PDF book out of square scrapbook pages. If you haven’t played around in the Book Module yet, once you know how to create a PDF book you’ll probably want to try out some of the other things you are capable of doing in LR’s Book Module.

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