5 Essential Tools to Create the Artsy Look

If you want to create Artsy layouts and the Artsy look in your digital scrapbook layouts there are 5 tools that can really make you start that today! The great thing about these tools is that they aren’t limited they have many possibilities, you can blend them, stack them, combine them. So many possibilities and even the most simple thing as a blend mode makes a great difference.  Let’s talk about them:



  • Brushes: probably my favorite tool. What you can do with brushes, in my opinion, has no limits in Photoshop.




Do you know that actually the new Photoshop CC 18 now has 1500 free brushes? Yes, all part of the Adobe cloud even with the cheapest plan.


-Filters: filters are powerful. There is so much you can do to give your photos and layouts an artistic look using filters and layering them.



-Adjustment layers: Another powerhouse of tools that can be used to edit and create nice looks in your photos and help with your overall layout a lot of things we can do there, my two favorites are the gradient map and curves.



Blend Modes: another powerhouse and the great thing about blend modes you can use them to create soft changes or fantastic artistic looks.



Here you can see the effect of my circle blended with the picture.



Styles: Styles give your layouts and creations a unique look and styles like metal, gold and so on help some of your supplies or effects to look more realistic.


Things like gesso styles, impasto styles can help your layouts also to have realistic textures.



Fx Panel: this panel has some essential things  to make our page pop and give a realistic look like drop shadows, glows and so on



This panel is one that you are pretty much going to use on every single layout you make.  In this picture, I did the drop shadow in my circle and the outer glow.


What are your favorite tools in Photoshop for creating artsy layouts? I’d love to know in the comments.


Jana Oliveira






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  • SU Hall January 8, 2018   Reply →

    I think my favorite tools are the Filters. I love brushes, too, but, Filters are more ‘magical’! LOL
    Thank you!

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