5 Places to Find Inspiration for Using Fonts Creatively by Kim Still

5 Places to Find Inspiration for Using Fonts Creatively

As a graphic designer, I love typography. I can spend hours nerding out about scary sounding things like kerning, x-heights and baselines. While that’s a level of love for typography most scrapbookers aren’t interested in, you would be surprised at how useful some of my favorite professional resources can be for finding inspiration for using fonts creatively on your layouts. Warning: You might just find yourself falling in love with typography after browsing these sites.

1. Typewolf


While Jeremiah Shoaf’s Typewolf is a resource primarily aimed at web and graphic designers, there is a ton of inspiration for the scrapbooker. He features lots of great type in use, new fonts, and has all sorts of guides and resources on typography. Typewolf is a one-stop place for anyone interested in learning more about typography and fonts.

2. discover.typography


Brought to you by Hoefler & Co., designers of some of the most beautiful and expensive typefaces you will come across, discover.typography is full of beautiful typography compositions based around different monthly themes. There is a ton of inspiration to be gained here for using fonts creatively in your layouts. Just be prepared to have to learn the art of substituting fonts, as H&Co. fonts tend to be a bit pricey.

3. Fonts in Use


Do you have a font you love that you struggle to pair with other fonts? Fonts in Use is a great place to see what sort of fonts designers have used together. You can search by a typeface to see examples of graphic design using that typeface. It’s also another great place to find beautiful examples of type.

4. Friday Fresh Free Fonts at Abduzeedo


If you’re always on the lookout for great new fonts to use on your pages, check out the Friday Fresh Free Fonts at Abduzeedo. Every Friday a new free font is featured. And while you’re there you can browse one of the largest and well-known graphic design resources on the web.

5. Font Combinations at Canva.com


Another quick resource for finding great font combinations is the Font Combinations at canva.com. Pick a typeface from the dropdown and you will get some quick examples of great font pairings.

Do you have a favorite place to find fonts and inspiration on the web? Please share in the comments below!

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