App Scrapbooking

Unless you’ve been buried under a mountain of patterned paper and card stock, you have surely heard about app scrapbooking — the practice of using phone apps to scrapbook.

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Affinity Photo App Review for Digital Scrapbookers

Affinity Photo App for Digital Scrapbookers

As a pocket-style scrapbooker who loves to document her photos and stories on her mobile devices, I often wonder if […]

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Technology Has Transformed Travel Scrapping

Technology has transformed travel scrapping in a way that many may not understand. The internet, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, cell […]

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Filtering with PicTapGo

Hi scrappers. We’re talking about filters this month. Truth be told, I don’t use a lot of “artsy” filters on […]

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Family Stories, Instagram and Chatbooks -- Oh, my!

Knowing who our family WAS reveals part of who we ARE. I love this quote and it speaks volumes to […]

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Using Mobile Collages for Your Scrapbook Layouts

Well, we’ve made it through the first month of 2017. Did you make resolutions? Are you still keeping them? Maybe […]

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Permanently Attach Metadata to Family Heritage Photos

Do you ever do things with good intentions that go terribly wrong?   In December I told everyone how I […]

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