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For Mobile Scrapbookers

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  • 12 monthly classes (one each month)
  • Forever access — learn at your own pace
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The future of scrapbooking is mobile memory keeping!


Are you a paper scrapbooker who is tired of the amount of space paper supplies require? Or, are your scrapbook products collecting dust?


Are you a digital scrapbooker who feels chained to your desk while crafting pages on your computer? Would you rather scrapbook in other rooms in your house, on vacation, anywhere?


If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’re ready for mobile scrapbooking otherwise known as app scrapbooking! But maybe you’re not sure how to get up and running.


Mobile scrapbooking requires a different method.


Mobile sometimes feels intimidating because it requires apps. Multiple apps that are constantly updated. New apps that release every day into the market. Complex apps that require complex steps for complex results.


There are different apps for layout-making, photo-editing, adding text to photos, creating cards and elements, designing videos, documenting a trip, building recipes books — there are tons of apps! And it can be difficult to become proficient in one app, let alone several kinds by several different developers.



Enter Art of the Apps Membership!


In the Art of the Apps v.1 Membership, you’ll receive guided, expert, in-depth training on one app or mobile app theme each month. You’ll be introduced to a variety of different, high-quality apps that will finally allow you to master your mobile memory keeping.



App Scrapbooking Topics We’ll Explore

art of the art membership topics

  • Create Your Own Journal Cards

    Just because you ditched your desktop for your mobile device doesn’t mean you have to leave those digital stamps and stickers you purchased in the dust!

    There are a wide variety of mobile apps available allowing you to access those elements on your phone or tablet and use those digital elements to create your own filler and journal cards! 

    Create Your Own Journal Cards
  • Page Title Crafting Using Fonts & Graphics

    Believe it or not, you are not limited to just the fonts that come installed on your mobile device. Mobile apps allow you to load your favorite fonts into a variety of other apps.

    When you combine your favorite fonts with graphics in other design apps, the possibilities to create custom page titles are endless!

    Page Title Crafting Using Fonts & Graphics
  • Professionally Edit Photos

    Whether you want to change the color of your photos to black and white, apply a funky filter, or remove that power line protruding from Uncle Tom’s head, there is a mobile app that can help you with that!

    That imperfect photo you feel isn’t scrapbook worthy can become a focal point when edited in a mobile app! No photoshop needed!

    Professionally Edit Photos
  • Create Polaroid-Like Pictures

    The nostalgia of Polaroid pictures will never go away. Recreating Polaroids using mobile apps is fun! And you can do it in a variety of sizes. And the best part is that these Polaroids will never fade!

    Create Polaroid-Like Pictures
  • Organize & Publish Favorite Family Recipes

    Combining apps that organize your family recipes with design apps is a recipe in itself for a really good book!

    With mobile apps you can search, download, and save recipes you find on the internet, scan your grandmother’s recipe cards, and input your own family favorites to your device. Once they are in, creating recipe pages for an album is a breeze (and lots of fun)!

    Organize & Publish Favorite Family Recipes
  • Creating Word Art

    There are so many design apps on the market today with high-quality  graphics and text options.

    We can use these apps to make custom word art to add to our photos and pages. AND many apps allow us to save our creations as PNGs to use over and over again!

    Creating Word Art

This isn’t everything! There are many other apps we’ll explore in Art of the Apps Monthly Membership including daily journal (diary) apps, travel apps, color capture apps, video storytelling apps, and more. All to help you record your photos and stories for yourself, your family and friends.



Preview Art of the Apps Monthly


Join Instructor Kelly Sill as she discusses her vision for the upcoming membership, outlines what you can expect as a member, and answers your most pressing questions.


Watch the Q&A



App Scrap All Year Long with Kelly Sill


The v.1 Art of the Apps Membership is active from May 2018 to April 2019. Membership includes:



  • Full and complete access to the entire v.1 Art of the Apps Membership library
  • 12 monthly classes for app-scrapbooking (one each month)
  • On-demand and downloadable video recordings
  • Handouts
  • Access to our positive, private membership-only community
  • 10% off classes and events hosted by Scrapaneers.com thru April 2019


Best Value: Pay in Full
$136one time fee


Frequent Questions


Q. Apple or Android?

A. Apple. The majority of the apps featured are for iOS. Please note: The Android platform will not be demonstrated in this class.


Q. iPhone or iPad?

A. Apps covered are iOS apps that can be used on both iPhones and iPads. It is recommended your iPhone be at least an iPhone 6 or newer due to current technology requirements and support.


In addition, many of the class recordings will be created using an iPad Pro. However, there are some apps, while they can be used on either device (iPhone or iPad),  may only be configured properly for the iPhone. In those cases, class recordings will be created on the iPhone.


Q. Which apps should I have for v.1 Art of the Apps Membership?

A. Kelly will provide you with names and links to the apps you’ll need 2 weeks in advance once you become a member.


Q. Does v.1 Art of the Apps Membership include any of the three previous Art of the Apps classes? 

A. No. Art of the Apps 1.0, Art of the Apps 2.0 and Art of the Apps 3.0 are separate classes and require separate purchases.


Q. Can I purchase the individual classes within v.1 Art of the Apps Membership separately? Do I have to join the membership if I’m only interested in a single class?

A. No — you can not purchase the individual classes within v.1 Art of the Apps separately. You can only gain access to v.1 Art of the Apps classes via the membership.


Q. If I start a Pay Per Month Plan and cancel, will I still have access to what I’ve already purchased?

A. You’ll want to download everything you’ve had access to in the v.1 Art of the Apps Membership before your subscription lapses. After your subscription lapses, you will not have access to the Membership.


Q. What happens after my final payment of the Pay Per Month Plan?

A. You’ll have forever access to the v.1 Art of the Apps Membership.


Q. Can I sign up for a Pay Per Month Plan after May 31?

A. No.


Q. How long will I have access to the v.1 Art of the Apps Membership after it ends April 2019?

A. Forever or as long as the site remains available. But even if the internet disappears, you’ll be able to download everything in the v.1 Art of the Apps Membership.


Q. Will there be a v.2 Art of the Apps Membership? If I purchase v.1 will I receive access to future volumes?

A. Your purchase of the v.1 Art of the Apps Membership is ONLY for the v.1 Art of the Apps Membership.


Q. Will Affinity Photo be covered in the Monthly Membership?

A. There are no current plans to cover Affinity software. Kelly will present apps that can be used on both on the iPhone and the iPad. Affinity Photo is for iPad only.


Q. Will apps from previous Art of the Apps Workshops be addressed?

A. Kelly says: Some, not all. Remember, apps are updated all of the time. Many of the apps from previous workshops have gone under major updates over the past few years and will need to be revisited. In addition, there are many memory keepers out there who are very new to scrapbooking on their mobile devices. So while some of the content in apps that are being revisited will be review for those seasoned app scrappers, it will be new to others. BUT I guarantee that there will be new content in those apps as well. You will come away with something new. Presenting one app a month is allowing for more time to explore the apps in more detail and share more of my process than I have done in past workshops.



Who Leads The Art of the Apps Membership?

Kelly Sill
Kelly Sill is a veteran instructor at Scrapaneers and a leading expert in mixing mobile-based technology with crafty scrapbooking.


A note from Kelly, “I have a crazy-insane passion for documenting by photos and stories using mobile app and sharing it with others. I get such a rush when I see students embrace today’s technology to preserve their memories for tomorrow. It makes my heart so happy!”


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