Imagination Style: Minimalist

January 2018: Imagination Style: Minimalist

Imagination Style: Minimalist

Imagination Style shows how to pair imaginative, inspired design with a specific digital scrapbook style and the techniques to make it happen.


In Imagination Style: Minimalist, we’ll borrow the characterics of minimalist style, which include whitespace, color accents, typography and line, and match it with a graphic, linear, two-dimensional design.


We’ll explore the following techniques:

  • Explore the main characterics of minimalist style design
  • Review inspiring digital art and pull out design elements to use on our layout
  • Create a simple base-shaped design
  • Blend two photos into a double-exposure using Channels
  • Fine-tune blending for trouble-some photos
  • Create a typographic photo extension
  • Apply a pop of color to accentuate a basic design


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