How to Transform a Font Into Wordart

Have you been reading all the blog posts at Scrapaneers this month about fonts? Haven’t they been great? I definitely fall into the font-a-holic category as do many of you I’m sure. For my post today I wanted to share with you a couple of quick “how to” instructions about turning your fonts into a quick and easy wordart. If you’re like me, you love when you can create something really pretty super easily! So, follow along and lets see what we can create!



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How to Turn a Grid Style Layout Into a Distressed, Artsy Layout

I love creating linear, grid style layouts. Be that as it may, it’s easy to change a grid style layout into a grungier, more organic, artsy style layout. For my example I am using a page I created last week. When I started my page I created a simple block layout to showcase a set of 6 photos. When I was done, you can certainly still see the base grid design, but I had a more distressed, artsy style page. Below you will see the simple grid base template I initially created set beside my page as it appeared when I was done with it:



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Favorite Project: Vacation Albums

Several of us here at Scrapaneers are going to share with you this month some of our favorite projects. I always have several scrapping projects going on at any given time. There’s Project Life, my “regular” scrapbooking pages and then special projects (i.e., vacation albums and December Daily). I’ve been putting some thought into what I would describe as my “favorite project.” I love all my projects for different reasons. They’re all so different. But I’m going to have to say that my favorite projects are my vacation albums.

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Pick of the Month – Timehop

Hi everyone. Happy summer! Can you believe it’s the end of June already? Next week we’ll be celebrating the 4th of July here in the US. As it always does, summer is flying by. Today is the last Monday of the month and that means it’s time for us here at Scrapaneers to share with you our “pick of the month.”  I was trying to think about what I wanted to share with you as my pick this month. Then it came to me. Timehop. Have you heard of it? It’s an app I downloaded on my phone ages ago and it’s something I look at pretty much without fail every single day. I love it.

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Dust and Scratches Filter: Adobe PS and PSE

I want to share with you a quick tip for cleaning up dust and scratches from photos. I’ve noticed that some of my older scanned photos aren’t all that great. It doesn’t look like I was all that careful in the scanning process and there is a fair amount of dust on some of my scans. That’s a pretty easy problem to solve. I just use the Dust and Scratches filter in Photoshop. The filter is also available in Photoshop Elements.


This is the image I’m going to be working with. Notice all the dust on the image? I’m guessing I didn’t clean my scanner bed before scanning my image. No worries, this is an easy problem to solve.


DustandScratchesFilter BEFORE

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Pick of the Month: AnyList

I’m a list maker. To do lists. Grocery lists. Shopping lists. Gift lists. You name it. I’ve got a list for it. Lists make me feel organized and give me a sense of comfort that I’m not going to forget to do something. Maybe that’s because I’ve got a short memory. LOL!


I used to have paper lists all over the place and I’d still forget things. It would happen all the time that I’d have a long grocery list prepared and I’d find myself at the grocery store with my list lying on my kitchen counter. Argh! Frustrating. Please tell me I’m not the only one that happened to! That never happens to me anymore. For a couple years now I and my family have used a free app called “AnyList” on our phones. Not a day goes by that we don’t use this app. You can check it out in the App Store.

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Creating Design Elements from Pocket Cards

I’ve really been enjoying all the great pocket scrapping tips and tricks the Peers have been sharing on the blog this month. I’ve been pocket scrapping (weekly pages) digitally for quite some time; I’m finishing up my third year of Project Life style pages (and 3 years of Photo-A-Day (POTD) before that). I absolutely love it! I tell my family’s stories through my weekly pocket pages as well as by digi scrapping more “traditional” pages. The two styles really compliment each other. When I buy a kit I look at the pocket cards that come with the kit so I can imagine the pocket pages I can make with those cards. I also look at the pocket cards to see how they’re designed and how I can extract and use those card designs so they can do double duty and become elements on my more traditional pages as well as on my more layered pocket pages. I want to talk to you about some of the process I use to create design elements from a digital pocket card (or from papers) – using extraction or blending – to create beautiful dimensional elements on my pages.


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Quick Lightroom Photo Edits

It’s no secret. I love Lightroom. For years I wondered why I would ever need Lightroom if I had Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, then one day, after listening to so many people rave about it I decided to give it a try. I figured they must know what they’re talking about. It didn’t take long until I too was a huge fan of Lightroom. While I used to edit all my photos in Photoshop, now it’s a pretty rare thing to edit them that way. Now I save all the Photoshop magic for scrapping my pages. While I do edit nearly every single photo I use on a scrapbook page or that I print, I probably edit 99% of them in Lightroom. That being said, the edits I make to photos varies depending on whether I’m editing a people photo or a scenery photo. Today I thought I’d talk about the typical edits I make to non-people photos.

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Scrapaneers Challenge | September 2015

Each month, one of the Peers hosts a challenge in the forum. This month it’s me – Barbara. The specifics of the challenges will change every month but they’ll always include aspects of the month’s Champions techniques. All participants will earn a prize relating to the monthly Champions kit. Guess what? You do NOT have to be a Champions member to participate! Everyone is welcome and EVERYONE who plays along gets the prize. And there’s more. In addition to the participation prize, one random participant is going to win a $10 gift certificate to Scrapaneers! Great stuff, right?!

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How to Customize Embellishments Using Photoshop

Hello everyone! Have you been enjoying all the talk this month on the Scrapaneers blog about digital embellishments? Judie talked about combining flat and dimensional elements on your pages and Kat talked about the art of shadowing embellishments on your pages. I’m taking a slightly different spin on the topic. While they talked about designing your page, I want to talk about customizing your embellishments using Photoshop before you use them on your page – things you can do digitally with your embellishments to personalize them and make them work perfectly for YOUR particular page. You can be scrapping with a designer’s absolutely stunning kit and with a little Photoshop know-how you can take those already awesome digital embellishments and make them work even better for your particular page. Curious yet?

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