Selective Color Adjustments in Photoshop CC

Ever have a black element that you want to change to a different color for your layout? You have tried all of the normal things… color overlay, adding a solid color over it and then trying to use a blend mode to make it work, or even inversing the black object to white and then trying to color that… all to no avail. Sure it may work sometimes, but it really doesn’t do a great job.  If so, then here is your quick tip answer!

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Panoramic Fun

These days, it is fairly simple to take a panoramic picture with your iPhone. Set your camera to “Pano”, hit the button, and then just move your iPhone from the left to the right. When you are done, you have one large panoramic photo. It is simple, and does it efficiently.


If the “Pano” option is not available to you, you can create a panoramic picture from multiple photos. This can be done manually or through ‘photomerge’, an automated feature in both Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements 15.


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Shaping it Up

Shaping it up … today we are going to explore using text for shapes in regards to our digital scrapping cards and pages.  Shapes can be anything you want them to be.  In addition to the “custom” shapes that come in Photoshop CC, you can also use a font to make your own shape for your project.  Using a few tools, we can make a shape, and then make a path to journal inside it.  Are you ready? Let’s begin!

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List It & Check It

In keeping with the Travel theme this month, when I travel I always prepare for my trips with a list. I like to make lists and then check items off as I go. It doesn’t matter if it is packing for a vacation, cleaning the house, or going grocery shopping. I always feel better if I have a list to organize things, as it eliminates my worry about forgetting something.


Making a list can be rather boring with a blank piece of paper and a pen, but being a “Scrapbooker”, it can be much more creative and fun.  The various Digital Scrapbook Designers have a lot of elements and papers to assist you in the creative adventure. Let’s take a quick look how creative lists can benefit your traveling, and/or everyday life, and how you can also use them too, for your scrapping pages.


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Comic Photos in a Jiffy


Playing with filters in Photo Shop and Photo Shop Elements can provide a lot of fun effects. Today we are playing with the Poster Filter and the Halftone Pattern Dot Filter, both located in the Filter Gallery. Using both of these in a grid like template, you can create your own comic page!

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Write It Yourself – Journaling


The art of Scrapbooking (whether it is Paper or Digital) is for purposes of memory keeping and documenting / journaling events.  We often use journaling, photographs, memorabilia, ephemera, printed media and artwork to tell the story.


When we are documenting, sometimes it is in the form of a single line of journaling, a paragraph or a whole page. To document our pages digitally, we often search out typewriter fonts or fonts that may resemble our own handwriting. Today I am going to show you a quick way to include your own handwriting on your scrapbook pages.


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Shape it Up…Create a layout with just shapes!

Sometimes when we buy a kit, there may be an element or two we wish we had, that was not included. Sure we can go and search our stash for that specific item, (like a button, a piece of tape, a staple, an overlay or the like), but sometimes it is less time consuming to create our own and have fun in the process. Today I am going to show you how to create a few easy elements that you can make with shapes and make them more realistic by adding a few style effects.


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Paint a Portrait using the Watercolor Filter & Color Blend Mode

Welcome back! I am Christa, and I am here with another “fun with filters” tip & tricks tutorial. I really love working in Photoshop with sketching, painting and blending. For me, besides my love for scrapbooking and memory keeping, I also love to explore Photoshop and play on the artistic side. I do have a few plug-in art filters from Akvis (Artworks & Sketch), but there are also fun filters built-in to Photoshop, (and Photoshop Elements) that you can do similar things with. Today let’s play with the Watercolor Filter!

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“All that GLITTERS”…Add Sparkle to your page!

The Magic of Beginnings… December.. what a fabulous time of year! To me this time of year is so magical. Whether there is snow on the ground or not, it is the beginning of Winter, and the time of year that sparks Magic in our lives. It’s that special time of year that brings sparkles and magic to that child in every one of us! Today we have wonderful additions to the Magic of Beginnings Collaboration. We have a great 2 template package by Soco, and a terrific vintage mini kit by Vero. Let’s get started with our page!

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