Frame It… Make your own “Polaroid” photo frame

In many of the scrapbooking kits we use for our layouts, there are photo edges, and photo frames included. Sometimes though, it is not the right kind of frame we are looking for. Many times, I go for the quick and easy way to frame my photo by just adding a white stroke around it and a shadow.  Instead of a white stroked photo edge, today we will make our own “Polaroid frame” using PS CC 2018,  that we can save to use over and over.

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Creating Dimension with Dodging and Burning

It is really fun to explore some of the tools in PS/PSE to give your pages/cards and other projects that realistic feel with dimension. Today we will be reviewing some of the uses of the Dodge and Burn tools.

The dodge and burn tools are fun to play with in Photoshop and PSE. They can give shapes and letters a 3 dimensional look with just a few strokes! They can also be used to lighten and darken areas in photos, papers or elements.  Let’s begin!

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Converting Photos to Black and White

How often are we making a page with a kit that has colors that clash with our photos? Or we have photos from back in the 1980’s when we took our film to the hour photo developing, only to have them now appear with a horrible red tinge. Sometimes there is no way to salvage them, other than converting them to black and white.

We are going to look at a few ways in Photoshop CC 2018 to convert photos from color to black and white. The same processes can be used for papers and elements as well, but today, we are focusing on the photos only.  [Note:   If you are using PSE, the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer and Gradient Map adjustment layer techniques work the same way as they do in PS CC 2018. PSE15 also has quick B/W conversions under the Guided Tab. Just follow the instructions in the guided section.]

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Seamless Masking of Photos and Papers

I like to play and have fun with different things that are in Photoshop and PSE. Today I will show you how to use masks to blend a few photos together. In addition, I will also combine that concept with using a “Custom Shape” as a photo frame for the blended/masked photos. I will be using Photoshop CC 2018, but you can use the same technique easily in PSE.

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Photo Typography Fun

I love playing with typography and I am really fascinated with seeing photos in the words. A while back I saw a few designer templates of photos with words, and thought it would be fun to do this myself.  This is great for layout pages for holidays, or even card design to make something special for a Birthday or Anniversary.

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Recipe Cards Made Easy

Now is that time of year where we go for tradition, and bust out those handed down family recipes to make everyone’s favorite meals and treats.  For some recipes, we only make them once a year.  Those are the ones most of us look forward to and anticipate, as they become more special than the routine dishes and desserts. What better way to share them with others than with your own creative recipe card!

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I just love the look of a “cut-out” without actually touching a scissor! Today we are going to do some “cut-out” title work to make your digital pages have a 3D or hybrid look. This can also be done with shapes and photos too for the cut out look. Let’s get right to it!

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Quick fix to your photos in Photoshop CC


Many times we take photos and when we look at them on the big screen of our computer, we find that they are a tad dark, or “flat” needing a boost. Sometimes, they may be too Green or Blue, and could use some color adjustment. While this won’t work 100% of the time, it is a quick fix for most. If the color is real bad, or papers and such you are working with don’t go with the photo colors, you can change your photo to black and white. I will show you here a quick fix to do one or both.

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