Tips to Create a Faded Photo

Have you ever started making a scrapbook page and find that your photo is just fighting with your chosen papers and/or elements. Of course, one technique to eliminate this is to simply change the photo to black and white. But sometimes you want a little color.  These are some of my favorite tips to quickly create a faded version of a photo.

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Creating with Blend Modes

If you’re a big fan of Tiffany and Scrapaneers, you are probably acquainted with using blend modes on your scrapbooking pages. I certainly love using blend modes and I had so much fun playing with the Magic of Beginnings kit. As I completed this page, I was surprised at how many layers I ended up blending. So, let me share the ways that I’ve used blend modes.


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Mobile Workflow for Year Long Projects

This month here at Scrapaneers we’re highlighting tips to help out with sequential projects. To be honest, I have only attempted one sequential project. In fact, it is one that I’ve started several years and never kept up with it. This year, however, I may succeed with the help of embracing some help from my phone. I came up with a mobile workflow to help me keep things on track.


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Three Tips to Try for Art Journaling

Scrapaneers is talking about Art Journaling this month. Oh, you think you can’t do that? You think it’s a little intimidating? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Really, what could be more free-form. There are no “rules” to Art Journaling; you are free to include photos or not; embellishments, or not; words, or not. And today, I’m going to share a little of my thought process for creating what might be considered a bit of a hybrid Art Journal page and a few tips to help you get started.


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Where do I Start a Layout? Template

Hi again! Peer LisaCP back to share one of my favorite ways of starting a layout. I love using templates. They can help me to get started, give placement guidance, and frankly, speed things up (most of the time). Some of you may feel like you are cheating if you use a template, but I particularly love using them when I have a little time to scrap, a set of photos (or just one) picked out, but end up staring at a blank page and wondering where do I start?


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Pick of the Month: Fitocracy

Hi there all you Scrapaneers! It’s time for this month’s pick of the month. I’ve struggled over the last few years to get into a consistent workout routine. I thought back to the times when I did workout most consistently to see what helped me to stay motivated. I discovered that it was a couple of things: having a trainer that pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could do and a set plan.


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Digital Supply Organization Using Lightroom

Today we are talking with Lisa Corbin-Polak, one of our Blog Team Peers. Lisa has been scrapping digitally since 2009 and has streamlined her digital supply organization system/process over the years. Let’s see what she has found that works for her.


Can you explain how you scrap and how this has helped you to develop your organization structure?


Over the years, the way I scrapped has evolved to the point where I scrap mostly from a single kit, or a single collaboration. I used to mix things up quite a bit, but I’ve come to realize that it is easier and quicker for me to build my layout from a single kit which has already been coordinated by the designer. Sometimes, I will shop my stash for just a few little “extras” that might be missing from the kit I’m working with (stitches, buttons).  As a result, I’ve simplified my organization system and whittled down the time I spend organizing. I used to tag a lot more pieces in each kit, but now I rely more on searches to find what I need if it isn’t in the kit. My switch from a PC to a MacBook Pro and the different programs available have also influenced my digi-supply organization.

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