Now & Then Style Journaling

One of my favorite styles of journaling on a scrapbook page is to compare “now” to “then”. This is especially easy to do if you have photographs of your subject(s) taken at different times. Let me share a few “Now & Then” journaling style layouts to inspire you.

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Terrific Typewriter Fonts

Maybe because I learned to “type” on a typewriter before there were computers in schools or homes, but I swoon over all sorts of typewriter fonts. They are my absolute favorites in the font world. I’m going to share some of these terrific typewriter fonts in this post that are definitely swoon-worthy.

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Photo Editing for Free

I recently sent my daughter off to college. Not long after she asked if I could recommend photo editing programs she could use on her computer for free since she no longer had access to my computer to edit her photos. Here are a couple of free photo editing tools for the computer I found that I want to share with you too.

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DIY Canvas

This month I am trying something totally new to me, a canvas hybrid project. This DIY project was inspired by this month’s theme which focuses on beginnings and new. I was given two pieces of this amazing collection from Digital Scrapbook Ingredients and Meagan’s Creations. So follow along on my adventure as I attempt this DIY canvas project.


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Daily December Project

I love Christmas and all the holiday cheer. What better way to document my favorite holiday season than by a Daily December project. Now don’t panic thinking that this is just one more thing to add to your extensive list. I’m going to share a few ways I’ve done a Daily December project in ways that will let you enjoy your December cheer. 

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A Simple “Artsy” Formula

I’ve never one to be afraid to try something new, especially when I comes to digital scrapbooking. After all, the “undo” command is my best friend. After drooling over the lovely “artsy”-type layouts in the gallery and after a bit of experimenting on my own, I’ve come up with a simple formula that represents my “artsy” style.

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