Creating an Outlined Title

There are times when I am creating a page and need just a hint of a title.  Something that is enough to make an impact, but not enough that the design of it detracts from the story I am trying to convey in my page.


Enter the outlined text.  Sure, you could use an alpha or font that looks like this, but I like to have this in my back pocket to use with fonts I adore.  Also, there are several designers who duplicate this look in word art, adding in their special designer’s eye by introducing a lot of visual interest, but sometimes I need a specific saying not provided.

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Joining a Creative Team

This month we have talked a bit about some of our goals this year.  Whether it is to focus on a project, documenting a personal objective, or learning something new, they are all very important.  A goal I have had several times is to be on a Creative Team.  For those who do not know what that is, it is in general terms, someone who created layouts/projects for use in Marketing by a designer in exchange for products.  In the paper world, they may be referred to as Design Team Members.  Creative Teams, or CTs as they are often called, can create for individual Designers or Stores with multiple Designers.

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Non-Project Life Pocket Pages

This month, we have been focusing on Project Life and capturing your everyday moments in this style. But, what if you are not interested in this project and just want to use the idea of pocket scrapping in your everyday albums? You can!! Pocket style templates are not just for these projects – you can use them for many other events.


I must admit that I first fell in love with this style when I became a Project Lifer. My own design aesthetic loves clean displays, grids, and minimal elements – pocket scrapping certainly fits the bill in that regard. In fact, I began to use those same Project Life style templates I used in my weekly spreads to focus on an event. For example, you may have an event like a birthday party, holiday, or a vacation where this would be ideal. I have found that I use this style more when I am scrapping my Disney albums – because you always have tons of pictures of everything when you visit Disney. 😉

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Documenting your Holiday Collections

To kick off our month of capturing December holidays, I thought we could discuss holiday collections. Many of us have at least one that we pull out for the holidays. Have you ever documented it?


While I was growing up, my Mother had a wonderful Santa Claus collection that she added to each year. I always loved looking at her display every Christmas and wish that I had been a scrapbooker then to capture that wonderful memory I have of my childhood. Now that I am adult, I have my own collection. For me it is nativity sets. One, my Mother adds to every year as a gift, the others are a precious heirloom of my husband’s family and a gift from our wedding. I made sure to document this collection last year during my December Daily project. Now, I am looking to highlight some of my other collections for my children to remember their childhood.

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Capturing Halloween

This month, we are talking all about Fall.  Of course, we cannot forget about one of my favorite Fall events – Halloween!


Halloween is a big event in our life as our young kids love to play dress up and to decorate for the holidays.  I thought I would share with you how I document our Halloween season to maybe help you with your own memory keeping. 

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Summer Gallery Standouts

Hello, everyone!  Rachel here to share with you some pretty pages I’ve seen recently that scream “Summer” to me.


When I’m looking through galleries, I cannot help but stop when I see a great summer page.  I don’t know what it is about them (bright colors, memories captured), but I have found that these are some of my favorites.

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The Layout Process – Pocket Scrapping

I started Pocket Scrapping in January 2013 with the Becky Higgin’s Project Life system.  I loved how with these pockets, I was able to capture the everyday moments that some would not consider “scrap worthy”.  After completing my first year’s album, I love how much my kiddos reach for it and relive the past year’s fun – it has even become a reference book of our life as we also reach for it to see when we did something.  Since then, I have used the format to create other traditional layouts, mainly for our trip to Walt Disney World, as it allows a great way to display many pictures in an organized fashion.

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How to Use Clipping Masks for Digital Scrapbookers

Using Clipping Masks in Templates

If you’re anything like me, you tend to be a bit indecisive when creating pages, especially when working with templates.  I love the fact that with the template, the design aspect is completed for you, but knowing what papers I want to use where tends to make me want to play a bit to see what I like best.  Enter the Clipping Mask…


What are Clipping Masks you may ask?  Quite simply they are a non-destructive way to “clip” papers to the shapes on a template, without affecting the paper itself, so that you can easily move it around to get the look you are after.  Let’s see it in action.

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