Back in the Swing: Pocket Scrapping

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying your lazy days of summer. I know I certainly am, but unfortunately they are definitely not lazy days. Much too much running around these past few months, which makes me realize just how quickly the time goes by and how important it is to document those moments no matter how small. I mean, that’s why we are memory keepers, right? That is why I got into pocket scrapping, so I could preserve our memories.


Over the past few years, I have gravitated toward pocket scrapping to document our day to day lives and had developed a pretty good system for getting it done. But somewhere along the line, I fell off the wagon and stopped scrapping altogether and not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. I still take lots of photos because I have faith that one day I will. Well, today is that day. With the site overhaul, I’ve decided to jump back into pocket scrapping and will be sharing my layouts and process each month in an attempt to inspire others to do the same. So this month I am going to share some of my best and worst layouts from my most complete year (2015), talk about what it is I like and don’t like about them and devise a system for completing it. So, let’s get started!


The first thing I had to do was locate all of my layouts into one complete folder. After looking through my file structure, I realized I had layouts all over the place on my EHD! So, my first step was to combine them all in a master folder named #Layouts, which I already had. Within that folder I had subfolders for my 2014 Project Life pages (also incomplete) and my 2015 Project Life Pages, along with all of my traditional digital scrapbook pages. It sounds organized, but I also had folders located elsewhere on my EHD titled, LOs JPEG and LOs PSD. After some thought, I realized I didn’t have to separate these out for printing because they can be sorted by kind within my folders, so it just wasn’t necessary and actually created more work for me to have to sort through multiple folders to find my layouts. So I decided to put them all in my #Layouts folder and then once in there, move my PL pages into those subfolders.



Once they were all culled into one folder, I started looking through them, flagging the ones I liked best and those that I didn’t in order to try to identify a cohesive style that I might use to finish this project as efficiently as possible. I have shared my thoughts below.



There is a lot that I am not happy with, starting with how cluttered this layout is. I definitely gravitate towards a cleaner style now. Because it is winter, all of the photos are taken indoors, which means a lot of cluttered backgrounds in the photos, I think in the future, I would aim to try to tell our story with a few cropped, detail shots thrown in to balance the layout. Another thought is that since the photos are so cluttered, I probably could have used a more clean look on the journal cards.



Now, this layout is cleaner, but it lacks variety in pocket sizes. Having every photo and journal card the exact same size makes it boring. Also, the photos of my son’s project are really poorly lit, so they take away from the photos on the rest of the page. Finally, the journal card on the second page has too much on it from the paint to the words, leaving nowhere for the eye to rest.



Now here is a layout I really like for several reasons. First, I love all the white space. As a result, this page feels much calmer to me than some of my earlier pages. I love the pops of color and have always been a big fan of black and white with pops of red. I also love the addition of the QR code. I really think the kids are going to love “seeing” videos of themselves in our scrapbooks in the future. Somewhere along the line I started adding a think black border around each page and really like the look of it. Although you can’t really tell from these photos, the pages have a larger page margin which also provides some nice white space.



Here is a another page that I really like. However, there is not a lot of white space at all. In fact, it’s a pretty busy page. But that’s what I like about it. It really captures the essence of the weekend we had. And what’s not to like about those big photos of my boys cliff jumping! Again, these pages have the thin border around them which also lends to a larger page margin which does provide a respite from the busy-ness.


So what have I learned by going back through my old layouts? My style is all over the place! However, while I am drawn to different products, I do like the pages that have more white space and in particular, those pages that have the border and wide page margins. Also, I have to be more intentional when taking photos. Bottom line, the better the photos, the better the pages look. So, since I can’t go back in time and retake the photos, I have to do a better job editing them. Moving forward, I am going to stick mostly with Design A unless the photos call for something different. I am going to keep the same title cards that I had been using and I will keep the journal cards and filler cards pretty clean. This will keep me from spending all my time making design decisions and free up time to actually make my pages.


As for organizing my photos, I use Lightroom and will be using the process outlined in this previous post about using Smart Collections to organize your photos by week. If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend reading it. Well, I can’t wait to stop typing about what I am going to do and start actually doing it, so I am signing off to go scrapbook and will see you back here next month; hopefully with a whole lot of new pages to share. Until then…


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