Better Than the Beauty Counter Makeover

I’m putting it all out there, a bare-faced selfie in order to show you what you can do with a fun app that mimics a beauty counter makeover called Instabeauty. Let me show you a few things.


I use the Instabeauty app on my iPhone, but it is available both for IOS and Android users. I’ll start with a bare-faced selfie (I still can’t believe I’m sharing this so publicly wrinkles and all):




The starting point will be something like this with options to retouch, soften, fix blemishes, slightly slim the face and apply makeup.



First I work on softening and somewhat blurring the wrinkles with the soften brush. It has a slider that modifies the intensity of the effect. I also like that it brightens the image.




Then it’s time to have fun with my makeover! Opening the “makeup” icon you get various options for starting points of your makeover. This one is the “west style” which is a bit too glamorous for what I want as an everyday look.




Here is what I look like with an “east style” makeover. Looking better I think and more natural.




The “natural” makeover is usually my favorite look. I love how it’s so similar to what I would look like when I am wearing makeup I applied in real life.



Once you have the basic makeover selected, you can have even more fun playing with each of the individual make up components such as lipstick and eyeshadow color, blushes, eyeliner and lashes just by tapping the item along the bottom.


The slider controls the intensity of the application.


Finally you can save your finished makeover for sharing!


There you have it! Your better than a beauty counter makeover in just a few simple steps! Have fun playing in the Instabeauty app.


One final image (always wanted to try a little facial hair):





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  • Kelly Rinker July 15, 2017   Reply →

    You’re brave and beautiful! My before makeup selfie isn’t any better. LOL. What a fun photo app. I’ve already played around with it this morning and it’s amazing. Now if they could just expand it for my neck and chest wrinkles…sigh. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Lisa July 19, 2017   Reply →

      thank you Kelly–for additional smoothing of those wrinkles check out the “facetune2” app—it has a smoothing brush that can be applied where needed

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