6 Techniques to Create Stunning Layouts

These six techniques will teach you how to create stunning layouts.  These design principles are the same techniques used by photographers, artists, florists, architects, interior designers, scrapbookers and other creatives.  They are simple yet powerful techniques that will transform your layout into an interesting and dynamic composition.  

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Creating with Blend Modes

If you’re a big fan of Tiffany and Scrapaneers, you are probably acquainted with using blend modes on your scrapbooking pages. I certainly love using blend modes and I had so much fun playing with the Magic of Beginnings kit. As I completed this page, I was surprised at how many layers I ended up blending. So, let me share the ways that I’ve used blend modes.


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Adding Dimension to Text & Alphas

Hello again!  I’m back to share yet another installment of The Magic of Beginnings kit and a cool alpha tutorial with you today.  I love the look of brushed alphas or fonts on my pages, but sometimes I want something with a little more depth and dimension.  There are several ways to build up flat text and elements, and I will be sharing one of my favorite methods with you today . . .


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Create Your Own Bokeh Effects

Hello my digi friends!  I am so happy you’re here today.  I truly love this time of year!  The Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of the year with all of the beautiful decorations, the string lights all around, and of course all of the amazing photograph opportunities.  There is so much to capture this time of year, but sometimes the spirit of Christmas isn’t always perfectly reflected in our rushed or imperfect photos.  I’m going to give you a little bit of a cheat today!  I’m going to teach you how to create your own bokeh effects!  I love the look of bokeh and I feel like it adds a bit of magic to our photos and layouts so I figured it was perfect to focus on this month.

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“All that GLITTERS”…Add Sparkle to your page!

The Magic of Beginnings… December.. what a fabulous time of year! To me this time of year is so magical. Whether there is snow on the ground or not, it is the beginning of Winter, and the time of year that sparks Magic in our lives. It’s that special time of year that brings sparkles and magic to that child in every one of us! Today we have wonderful additions to the Magic of Beginnings Collaboration. We have a great 2 template package by Soco, and a terrific vintage mini kit by Vero. Let’s get started with our page!

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DIY Canvas

This month I am trying something totally new to me, a canvas hybrid project. This DIY project was inspired by this month’s theme which focuses on beginnings and new. I was given two pieces of this amazing collection from Digital Scrapbook Ingredients and Meagan’s Creations. So follow along on my adventure as I attempt this DIY canvas project.


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How to Make a Template your Own

I hope you are enjoying so far all the magic of goodness that is happening at Scrapaneers this month. So many great kits to work with. But I have to confess that cluster-heavy templates scare me a.lot.



When I saw this template my first reaction was not to  use it. While it is a gorgeous design, I was scared because I felt my style was so different. But, giving it a second thought, I realized that would go against something I believe about digital scrapping and the reason why I love it: we can change things and make them our own to conquer our design fears. So challenge accepted!


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December 2016 Challenge

During the month of December Scrapaneers is celebrating the Magic of Beginnings. To help you celebrate along with us, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout December you can pick up a free mini-kit on our blog and it will all add up to an amazing massive kit. So here’s the challenge for this month:

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Create Stunning Black and White Photos with Silver Efex Pro an article by Kim Still

Create Stunning Black and White Photos with Silver Efex Pro

Have you ever bought a scrapbooking kit you just adored only to realize that none of your photos really match the colors? Or maybe you have a photo that would go wonderfully with the theme of a kit, but the colors are totally wrong. Or maybe you’re like me and you just adore the timeless look of black and white photos. Whatever the reason, today I am going to show you how to take a color photo and take it from color to a stunning black and white using the free plugin Silver Efex Pro.

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Creating Animated GIF Layouts in Photoshop & Elements

Welcome to December everyone!!! I am super excited to kick off this month on the Scrapaneers Blog because we have a very special surprise in store for you. There are so many amazing digital artists out there who have supported Scrapaneers over the last three years, that we wanted to spend December giving something back to all of you.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in December, we will highlight designers in the digital community and give away mini-kits that they have designed – all of which coordinate into a massive Mega-Collection that we lovingly call The Magic of Beginnings. In addition to the kit downloads, the Peers will demonstrate a variety of techniques throughout the month to help you grow your digital artistry and memory-keeping skills.


Ready to take a look at The Magic of Beginnings and learn how to make an animated GIF layout in Photoshop? Then come on in and join me . . .


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Using Lightroom, Photoshop and Day One to Document a Year in Sports

Hello! Jen Flaherty here to share with you a sequential project I wish I had started when my children started playing sports – creating an album to document their year in sports. I knew that in order for me to be successful with this project, it had to be SIMPLE! So I promise you it is. I use Lightroom, Photoshop and Day One to help me bring it all together, but you could use any photo organizing and/or editing program that works for you. Below I have outlined what I did to prepare for this project and the steps I follow to ensure success. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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