Aligning Alphas For Your Page Titles

Continuing our foray into alphas and fonts this month, I wanted to have a little chat today on page titles. Coming from a traditional scrapbooking background, I still remember pulling out my sheets of alphas and then my ruler to carefully place every single, individual letter on a nice straight line. It was a time-consuming and somewhat cumbersome process. With my stuck-down traditional alphas, if I had not lined everything up correctly, well, once put down on a layout, there really wasn’t that much of an opportunity to make a correction. Did you know there’s an easy one- or two-click process in digital scrapbooking that will correct this for you? Let’s explore the Align function to take the guesswork out of aligning your scrapbook titles.

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5 Places to Find Inspiration for Using Fonts Creatively by Kim Still

5 Places to Find Inspiration for Using Fonts Creatively

As a graphic designer, I love typography. I can spend hours nerding out about scary sounding things like kerning, x-heights and baselines. While that’s a level of love for typography most scrapbookers aren’t interested in, you would be surprised at how useful some of my favorite professional resources can be for finding inspiration for using fonts creatively on your layouts. Warning: You might just find yourself falling in love with typography after browsing these sites.

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How to Transform a Font Into Wordart

Have you been reading all the blog posts at Scrapaneers this month about fonts? Haven’t they been great? I definitely fall into the font-a-holic category as do many of you I’m sure. For my post today I wanted to share with you a couple of quick “how to” instructions about turning your fonts into a quick and easy wordart. If you’re like me, you love when you can create something really pretty super easily! So, follow along and lets see what we can create!



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Terrific Typewriter Fonts

Maybe because I learned to “type” on a typewriter before there were computers in schools or homes, but I swoon over all sorts of typewriter fonts. They are my absolute favorites in the font world. I’m going to share some of these terrific typewriter fonts in this post that are definitely swoon-worthy.

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March 2017 Challenge

I have been working on a recipe booklet for my kids using Kelly Sill’s Keep it Together Recipe kit. So I have been writing down ingredients for all the foods my family loves. When one of my daughters was in high school she had to attend a food fair. She commented that all different countries use many of the same ingredients in their food but come up with vastly different results. They each add something regional and make those basic ingredients into something unique.  It seemed like a good idea to make a recipe challenge this month. But instead of food we will use common components of a layout. 

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Creative Digital Alphas with Fonts

Hello all my artsy friends and a special welcome to those font-a-holics out there (and I know there are quite a few of you)!  We have an amazing month planned for you on the Scrapaneers blog, with lots of fun design, organization and creative ideas involving fonts.  If you are not a font-a-holic now, you most certainly will be by the end of March.  I am kicking things off with some fun ideas for using fonts to create layered alphas for your digital pages.  Ready to jump on the font train?  Then come on in and join me . . .

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Pick of the Month-SciStarter

Being an engineer that means I’m kind of a science geek. My kids would attest to this. They’ve grown up with my dragging them to see a lock and dam system in action, putting up with my rock collecting on every vacation and repeatedly calling them to observe the wildlife right in our own backyard. I’ve recently discovered SciStarter, a place for actively participating in citizen science projects all over the place.

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Win a Ticket to Scrapaneers LIVE! Artistry

Win a Ticket to Scrapaneers LIVE! Artistry

In less than 2 months, on April 8 & 9, Scrapaneers will host it’s fourth, online, mega-event! And this time, we’re focusing on Artistry — highlighting techniques with blending, brushwork, masking, painting, abstract art, art journaling, compositing, mixed media effects, and pen tablet tricks.


We’ll announce the classes on March 6, but you can find out who’s teaching right now, right here!


Our LIVE! events are the ONLY 5-star rated, digital conferences where you can leave as a stronger digital scrapbooker. And you’ll never have to step out of your pajamas because the entire event is hosted online!


Win One of 2 Tickets

And this week, YOU — yes you — could win a ticket to Scrapaneers LIVE! Artistry! We’re giving away 2 tickets to 2 lucky scrapbookers. All you need to do to enter is comment on this blog post and let us know what you’d like to learn most about Artistry. There are no wrong answers. 

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Family Stories, Instagram and Chatbooks — Oh, my!

Knowing who our family WAS reveals part of who we ARE.

I love this quote and it speaks volumes to me as I continue to share my family history with my own children and relatives. When I started my journey to share my love for family history, the heritage photos and stories that go along with it all, I knew that my ultimate goal was to share it in a book form. I want to combine beautiful pages with stories, photos and documents that will entice my children and family to WANT to read them and learn more about their family history. This is where Chatbooks really excels with its’ size easy to ready and cute size.

Sharing my Family History on Instagram

Once I discovered Instagram, I “instantly” knew that this would become a platform that I could use to catch the attention of my kids – you know… one post, one story at a time with a beautiful photo. We can combine our love of scrapbooking to provide the beautiful photo and then include the story in the caption of our post. That is the essence of scrapbooking but on a smaller scale.

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