4 Types of Light to Take Your Photos from Ordinary to Extraordinary by Kim Still

4 Types of Light to Take Your Photos from Ordinary to Extraordinary

When I first started really learning how to shoot with my camera, I loved what is called flat light. This is the light on a cloudy day or that you find just at the edge of the shade, beautiful diffuse light that is easy to expose for. If you are trying to learn manual mode on your camera, flat light is your best friend, but it can also be completely boring.

As I’ve grown more confident with my camera, I almost dread those cloudy days that used to make me so happy. Once you start looking for interesting light, you will see that you can find it everywhere! Especially in these winter months, don’t be afraid to look for interesting types of light inside as well.


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Scrapping Your “Bad” Photos

When I first started scrapbooking, I was so excited to get my stories down on paper. I started with traditional paper pages and then transitioned into digital. The joy of finding that perfect photo, cutting it or cropping it on the computer, and then printing everything. Ah, the good ole days. My little camera and printer had never seen such activity! Fast forward some 10+ years, and my original point and shoot camera has been replaced by a dSLR and my cell phone.  A lot has changed, including my feelings about what pictures I choose to include on my [now] digital layouts. For a long time I became a … a … a photo snob. If the photo wasn’t perfect, I wouldn’t use it. I know some of you reading this post have probably been down that road, too, right? Not anymore!  Those not-so-perfect pictures do have a place on my scrapbook pages, and they can on yours, too.  Let’s talk about scrapping your “bad” photos.

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Paint a Portrait using the Watercolor Filter & Color Blend Mode

Welcome back! I am Christa, and I am here with another “fun with filters” tip & tricks tutorial. I really love working in Photoshop with sketching, painting and blending. For me, besides my love for scrapbooking and memory keeping, I also love to explore Photoshop and play on the artistic side. I do have a few plug-in art filters from Akvis (Artworks & Sketch), but there are also fun filters built-in to Photoshop, (and Photoshop Elements) that you can do similar things with. Today let’s play with the Watercolor Filter!

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January 2017 challenge

January 2017 Challenge

Ready for another challenge? I love action shots especially when I get something surprising like a fleeting expression or a ball in the air. I don’t mind if it’s a little blurry, it only adds to the feeling of movement. So this months challenge will involve movement and here are the rules:
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Invisible Black Background Photography Technique

Hello everyone and welcome to 2017!!  I just love the start of a new year, with a new round of creative, professional and personal goals and the inspiration of a fresh new slate.  This month, the Peers will be focusing on different photography techniques throughout the month to help you grow your creative arsenal.  I am starting things off with an awesome technique that allows you to convert any area into a compelling black background.  Ready to kick off 2017?  Then come on in and join me . . .


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Magic of Beginnings Wrap-Up

Can you believe we are already at the end of December (and of 2016)?!?  The Peers had a blast this month sharing their digital techniques and playing with The Magic of Beginnings kit – and we hope you enjoyed it too!  Just a reminder that the download links for all of the Kit contributions will expire on January 15, 2017 – so make sure you grab the entire collection while you can.


The Magic of Beginnings giveaway may be coming to a close, but the tutorials and inspiration will continue on the blog.  The Peers will be bringing you new techniques, tutorials and product reviews throughout the upcoming year.  Be sure to check back regularly for lots of digital art inspiration (Peer posts generally appear on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).


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Quick Tips to Speed Up Your Scrapbooking

We’ve covered quite a lot of topics this month as we roll out pieces of the amazing collaboration, Magic of Beginnings. As I sat down to create my layout this month, I realized (as you will too when you see my layout), I really didn’t have a lot of time to spend on elaborate techniques. I really just wanted to quickly document our renovation progress so far. Then I thought to myself, I bet I’m not the only scrapbooker who wants a quick way to scrapbook. Therefore, today, I am going to share with you some quick tips to speed up your scrapbooking workflow.


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Magic Of Beginnings - Mini Kits

Getting The Most Out Of Mini Kits

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to another installment on the Scrapaneers blog where we’re highlighting a few pieces of The Magic of Beginnings collaboration and sharing some tips and tricks along the way.  I hope you’ve been following us this month and picking up the pieces of this mega-kit – isn’t it awesome?!  You’ll see that we have so many design styles represented in the collection, so there’s something for everyone. Now, if you’re impatient like me, you want to scrap with everything as it comes out and not wait for the entire collection, but that also presents a bit of challenge: how can you stretch a mini kit (or even just a few papers) and create an entire scrapbook layout that seems full and complete? Read on and I’ll share a few of my tips getting the most out of mini kits.

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Focusing on those Family Heirloom Photos

Being fifty-five, you would think that my first thought when I read the topic for this month, “Magical Beginnings,” might have been about my kids as they begin their adult lives or even my grand-daughter who is just five and started kindergarten this year. Funny, but that wasn’t what seemed to pop in my mind at all; it was more a picture of myself and my own change of course with my life. Really diving into my own family’s history and the family heirloom photos that have found their way to me, I am discovering that it is very important to release myself from any sense of duty to “get it all done” and to slow down, focusing on each photo and each event — and most importantly, making sure to enjoy the process.  (Which is one of the reasons that I found my way to Scrapaneers!)


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6 Techniques to Create Stunning Layouts

These six techniques will teach you how to create stunning layouts.  These design principles are the same techniques used by photographers, artists, florists, architects, interior designers, scrapbookers and other creatives.  They are simple yet powerful techniques that will transform your layout into an interesting and dynamic composition.  

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Creating with Blend Modes

If you’re a big fan of Tiffany and Scrapaneers, you are probably acquainted with using blend modes on your scrapbooking pages. I certainly love using blend modes and I had so much fun playing with the Magic of Beginnings kit. As I completed this page, I was surprised at how many layers I ended up blending. So, let me share the ways that I’ve used blend modes.


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Adding Dimension to Text & Alphas

Hello again!  I’m back to share yet another installment of The Magic of Beginnings kit and a cool alpha tutorial with you today.  I love the look of brushed alphas or fonts on my pages, but sometimes I want something with a little more depth and dimension.  There are several ways to build up flat text and elements, and I will be sharing one of my favorite methods with you today . . .


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