Winter Magic Challenge

We hope you’re enjoying the Winter Magic holiday event this year at Scrapaneers. So far, you’ve downloaded mini-kits from FIVE amazing digital scrapbook designers and there are MORE headed your way each Monday and Friday this month. You’re collecting all these gorgeous goodies, it’s a shame not to use them AND make sure all your digi-scrapping friends know about them, too! We thought this would make for a fun Winter Magic challenge.

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July Challenge – Making a Template Your Own

Welcome to our July challenge! It’s summer here in the U.S. and that means vacations, kids out of school, hanging out at the pool, firing up the barbeque … and seemingly, we’re busier than ever. This month’s challenge is one that I hope will provide a little bit of time-saving help so you can continue to find some creative time (and record those summer memories, or winter, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). It’s all about making a template your own.

When you’re short on creative time, templates can be a lifesaver, but you don’t have to use them ‘as-is’. Why not put your own spin on them? This month’s challenge is just that: create a page using a template, but change things up at little to make it your own. Rotate the design, move elements around, duplicate or delete … anything goes! Play around and experiment. Remember, the template designer has done a lot of the groundwork, saving you time!


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June 2017 Color Challenge

This month is a color challenge. I wanted to choose a palette that was bright, cheerful and summery. It’s been cold and rainy here for a long time. We are ready for some sunshine. So I went to Design Seeds where there are lots of palettes to choose from. If you’re stuck for a color scheme it’s a great place to start. You can search by color or collection such as seasons, nature, or lifestyle. The creator of Design Seeds, Jessica Colaluca, says this, “Seeds are created to inspire … you are welcome to apply the color combinations to your designs, art, decor, crafts, weddings, & projects.” I found this palette under “summer”.

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May 2017 Challenge

I decided on this month’s challenge and then was a bit challenged to complete it. Since we had discussed journaling in April’s Champions content I thought I would make journaling the challenge for May. Sounds simple right? Well, journaling feelings rather than descriptions was harder than I thought it would be. In her video Crystal Livesay mentions that journaling our feelings can be cathartic. So I gave it a try. I purposely chose a font that was a bit ornate and harder to read and a color that blended into the background to make my journaling a little bit hidden. Now that I wrote about how I feel about my grandchildren growing up maybe I won’t feel so sad when I look at this photo next time. 

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April 2017 Challenge

Did anyone watch the Academy Awards? I didn’t but hearing all the news stories about it did lead me to an idea for a challenge this month…movie posters. I challenged myself to make a layout that was inspired by a movie poster. First I found a site that sells posters and then I searched for one that I thought would make a good layout. Seeing as though we are already experiencing “April Showers” here in the Midwest, the “Singing in the Rain” poster caught my eye and I had just the photos to work with it.

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March 2017 Challenge

I have been working on a recipe booklet for my kids using Kelly Sill’s Keep it Together Recipe kit. So I have been writing down ingredients for all the foods my family loves. When one of my daughters was in high school she had to attend a food fair. She commented that all different countries use many of the same ingredients in their food but come up with vastly different results. They each add something regional and make those basic ingredients into something unique.  It seemed like a good idea to make a recipe challenge this month. But instead of food we will use common components of a layout. 

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February 2017 Challenge

The November Champions strategy was all about telling your story. I was reminded how important it is to get the details down on even little things that we don’t want to forget. Since this is February when our thoughts turn to love, I thought it would be fun to tell a love story. Now this doesn’t have to be a romantic love story, there’s all kinds of love. Like the love in the layout I posted below.

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