How To Save Your Images for Gallery Uploading

Janelle here today with a super easy Photoshop tip for our beginner digiscrap friends.  If you’ve just recently found digital scrapbooking, chances are you may have been lured in by some beautiful pages from an online gallery.  Whether it was Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or a digital scrapbooking store gallery, the images you saw were prepared a certain way to make them easy to view on the web.  When we create our pages for printing, we create them at a high resolution of 300 pixels per inch.  Web images only use 72 pixels per inch which makes the file size much more manageable for viewing online, and we need to save our images that way in order to upload them into the galleries.  Today I want to show you how to save your images for gallery uploading.  Because guess what??  We want to see them!

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Making a Christmas Card Book

With the holidays upon us, you are probably in the throes of receiving a plethora of holiday cards from your family and friends. I love receiving them each year and could never bring myself to throw them away, so after scouring the internet many years ago, I came across a great idea for preserving those precious memories that goes way beyond placing them in a box — making a Christmas card book! It’s such a super simple way to house all of those wonderful keepsakes that flood your mailbox each year. Today, I’m going to show you how to create one using the Winter Magic Collaboration.

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Digital Template Tricks

Welcome to a special Wednesday edition of the Winter Magic giveaway!  I’m dropping in today with two fabulous template downloads for you and some tips on how to alter and combine digital templates to make them more versatile.  Ready for some template magic?  Then come on in and join me . . .


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Layers Palette Basics in Photoshop Elements

The Layers Palette in Photoshop Elements may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning.  In this tutorial, we’ll explore it and break down some basics.  First of all, there are several types of layers as demonstrated in the graphic below.  Each layer is like a slide that stacks on top of the next to create a scrapbook page. Image layers include such things as background papers, fill layers which may be a solid color, gradient, or a pattern, photos, and elements.  An Adjustment layer is a special type of layer used to make nondestructive modifications to a layer.  Shapes drawn using the shape tool are on Shape layers.  Type layers are for adding words to your layout.  That’s a lot of information already.  Next, we’ll look at each type of layer and how they’re used.

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Pocket Scrapping – Keeping it Simple

Hello again! Jen here to share one of my pocket scrapping layouts with you. As I stated last month, I fell off the pocket scrapping wagon a while ago and decided to publicly commit to hop back on by writing a monthly column for Scrapaneers about my journey. Since my last post, I did a little housekeeping and created my first layout in a long time and have learned a few more things along the way. The biggest lesson I learned? Keeping it simple.

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Storyboards-How They Relate to Scrapping

Storyboards.  You’ve probably heard of them but may not know exactly what they are or how they relate to scrapbooking.  To put it simply, a storyboard illustrates changes of action visually through a series of sketches or illustrations.  Animators at Walt Disney Studios first used storyboarding in the 1930’s.  The animators drew scenes of a story and pinned them to a bulletin board sequentially.  These helped them as they organized and developed the product.  Gone with the Wind was the first film to be completely storyboarded.  Can you imagine!  They are still used by writers, illustrators, filmmakers, and advertisers to pitch a concept.  The storyboard helps the people that they are pitching to, their audience, visualize how a story, book, movie or commercial will go.  Okay, now that we know what a storyboard is let’s look at how they relate to scrapbooking.

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Workspace and Preferences Settings in Photoshop Elements

Workspace and Preference settings are easy to set-up and personalize in Photoshop Elements. Plus the process will help you get started using PSE which is a big hurdle for many scrappers.  I hear people say they’ve had Photoshop Elements for many months (sometimes years) but have yet to get it out of the box!  Here are a just a few of the reasons I’ve heard: it’s too hard, it’s too different from my current program, it’s too complicated, it’s too time-consuming, and I just don’t know where to start.  I feel your pain. I felt the same way in the beginning.

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Beating the Freebie “Gotta Have It All” Mentality

When we first start digital scrapbooking, many of us fall into the “Freebie Trap.”  You know the one I mean… right?  You get SO EXCITED that you finally actually figured out how to start using your software (let’s face it, this Photoshop business starts out looking like a menacing beast bearing its claws and fangs in all their glory if you don’t know what you’re doing) that you decide you need ALL THE THINGS to start playing with.  The only problem?  Well you can’t very well spend $100 a week of your carefully budgeted grocery money on scrapbooking supplies!  So you do what we all started out doing.  You open up google and type in those three tempting words: “Digital Scrapbook Freebies.”  And wowie wowza wow!  Look at all those tempting results!  Only 999,000 results to filter through!  Yep, totally have time for that! 😉

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