6 Techniques to Create Stunning Layouts

These six techniques will teach you how to create stunning layouts.  These design principles are the same techniques used by photographers, artists, florists, architects, interior designers, scrapbookers and other creatives.  They are simple yet powerful techniques that will transform your layout into an interesting and dynamic composition.  

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DIY Love Notes

February has been dubbed the month of Love. It’s the time of year we rush around getting Valentine’s Day cards for our kids to share with their friends, and when we celebrate those we love and care about with thoughtful gifts and sentiments. However, we can share love notes anytime of the year…not just when the calendar and Hallmark Stores tell us to, right? As digital scrapbookers we have a trusty tool at our disposal in Photoshop/PSE. Today I’m going to show you some basics on how to create your own DIY love notes using the Custom Shape tool.

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Why Digital? – Templates!

Templates and Quick Pages are wonderful things!

There are multiple ways to learn to scrapbook digitally. Those initial steps, baby steps it feels like, are tentative. You are tip-toeing around in an unfamiliar software program, not knowing what each button or tool will do. Some people are completely self-taught, others like me take beginning digiscrapping courses. Someone to hold your hand, show you their screen and give you the confidence to push all the buttons and try it out for yourself. You realize you can’t really BREAK IT, you can just undo/Ctrl-Z or just close it and start all over again.


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Digital: A No-Mess Solution

I’d been a happy traditional scrapper for a few years before I found digital. I loved that feeling of creating with my hands, of holding a finished page and saying “Voila!”. Then there was that feeling of euphoria that occurred by taking a quick trip to my local scrapbooking and craft supply store (by quick, I mean something like, easily, an hour or two). Bottom line, crafting was fun; my own little world of scrapbooking goodness. There was, however, an inherent problem with my perfect world: it was spread between the dining table, the office desk, the side tables in the living room, cabinets in the spare bedroom, as well as scattered among boxes on shelves and in closets. My scrapbooking supplies were starting to take over. Enter digital scrapbooking, a no-mess solution that would still satisfy my creative needs.

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Backing Up Your Digital Files

We’ve been focusing on organizational issues this month, so it’s time to have “the talk.”  You know, the one about backing up your files.  You hear it all the time, don’t you?  “Have you backed up your files lately?”  You’ve also heard all the horror stories.  People who have lost all their photos, digital pages, digital supplies.  It’s so sad when you hear of that happening to someone else, but do you back up regularly?  Or are you one of those people who think that the inevitable will never happen to them?  I’m here to give you some tips on backing up your digital files.  Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at back ups, this article is for you . . .

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Saving Layouts for Web and Print

Lisa here again wrapping up our Digital Scrapbooking Basics series with a few tidbits on saving your work so that you can share it in print or on-line.


So, the Photoshop/Photoshop Elements native layered document format is a .PSD file. And there is actually another option for saving your layered files. Why would I want to save my file in any other format than a .PSD file? Well, as a PC user, the .PSD file thumbnails are not viewable in Windows Explorer. You only get the standard Adobe icon for them. Enter the .tif file, or TIFF format. This can also be a layered file and reportedly can be read by other programs, but I’ve never really had a need to do this.


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