Weaving Ribbon Through Alphas and Elements

Weaving ribbon or string through alphas or other elements adds a lot of realism and depth to a scrapbook page.  As I’m working on digital scrapbook pages I try to think as if they’re traditional paper layouts.  Weaving ribbon through alphas can add depth and interest to a title.  Threading string through dangling elements adds depth and serves to attach the element to the layout.  Today, using Photoshop Elements 15, we’ll put some of these ideas into action and see how easy it is to do.

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Photo Typography Fun

I love playing with typography and I am really fascinated with seeing photos in the words. A while back I saw a few designer templates of photos with words, and thought it would be fun to do this myself.  This is great for layout pages for holidays, or even card design to make something special for a Birthday or Anniversary.

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Christmas Magic in Wonderland

Christmas is a magical time for children.  A time when the wonders of their imagination come to life.  I don’t decorate much at my home anymore but look forward to spending time with my son and his family.  In March 2014, I was blessed with a little extra money and a bit of magic was planted in my heart.  I thought it would be a ton of fun to host Christmas for our family at a water park resort.  It took a lot of planning and coordination that resulted in our fun-filled family Christmas vacation at Great Wolf Lodge.  My husband and I, our son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren loaded up with all the presents and a small Christmas tree and headed for Grapevine, TX.   The resort is huge and it was filled with children.  Happy children.  I don’t think I heard any whining or complaining the entire four days and three nights!  In addition to the indoor waterpark, there were games for the kids with stations on every floor, bedtime stories in their pj’s every night in the lobby, movies, we had dinner in a giant Gingerbread house, and snow!  Inside!  It was a magical, wonderful time.


We have tons of photos.  Professional and candid shots taken with my camera and several cell phones.  I was able to get several in the lobby with the “snow” falling.  All the kids loved it.  You could see and feel the excitement in the air.  Of course, some of the crowd comes through in the photos too.  Today I’ll go through some editing steps I took to scrap one of my favorite snow photos.

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Making the Most of a Few Elements

Welcome to another installment of the Winter Magic collaboration brought to you by Scrapaneers. It is one awesome collection and you should definitely be sure to pick up all the contributions from the fabulous designers. Today I am highlighting the contributions from Crystal Livesay and Red Ivy Designs. I think you are going to love them. Along with these gorgeous pieces, I’ve got a few tips on making simple changes to your elements to add some variety and making them fit in your layout. It is absolutely (and even encouraged) to alter your digital supplies.


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Using Styles on Holiday Layouts

It’s that time of the year when all your layouts can use a little extra sparkle! I love using styles when I’m designing and scrapping. Not only are they very easy to use, they are also very versatile and can be modified to your heart’s content. Today, I want to show you how I used the styles created by Mommyish to make my winter layout extra magical.


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Recipe Cards Made Easy

Now is that time of year where we go for tradition, and bust out those handed down family recipes to make everyone’s favorite meals and treats.  For some recipes, we only make them once a year.  Those are the ones most of us look forward to and anticipate, as they become more special than the routine dishes and desserts. What better way to share them with others than with your own creative recipe card!

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I just love the look of a “cut-out” without actually touching a scissor! Today we are going to do some “cut-out” title work to make your digital pages have a 3D or hybrid look. This can also be done with shapes and photos too for the cut out look. Let’s get right to it!

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Top 10 Text Tips in Photoshop Elements

Today I want to share my top 10 text tips using Photoshop Elements 15.  When I first started using PSE I didn’t even know how to enter text on a layout.  Since then I’ve learned a lot about type tools and entering text in ways that go beyond using a simple text box.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a simple text box is all you need but there is much more we can do when we don’t confine ourselves to that simple little box!  I hope some of these tips will help you too.

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Converting a Stamp into an Embossed Element

This month, when I stepped back and looked at my completed page, the left side was pretty flat and uninspiring. Sure, my style is pretty simple when it comes to my Pocket Pages, but still sometimes I like to add a little depth to them. That’s when I decided to play around with the embossing effect and wound up converting a .png stamp into an embossed element on my page. Today, I share how I did it.

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