Focusing on those Family Heirloom Photos

Being fifty-five, you would think that my first thought when I read the topic for this month, “Magical Beginnings,” might have been about my kids as they begin their adult lives or even my grand-daughter who is just five and started kindergarten this year. Funny, but that wasn’t what seemed to pop in my mind at all; it was more a picture of myself and my own change of course with my life. Really diving into my own family’s history and the family heirloom photos that have found their way to me, I am discovering that it is very important to release myself from any sense of duty to “get it all done” and to slow down, focusing on each photo and each event — and most importantly, making sure to enjoy the process.  (Which is one of the reasons that I found my way to Scrapaneers!)


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Digital Supply Organization Using Picasa

Today we are talking with Barbara Unzen, one of the Peers here at Scrapaneers. Barbara has been digi scrapping for over ten years and over the years has fine-tuned the systems she uses to organize her digital supplies as well as her photos. Today she is sharing with us her current organization system for her digital supplies.

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Digital Supply Organization Using Lightroom

Today we are talking with Lisa Corbin-Polak, one of our Blog Team Peers. Lisa has been scrapping digitally since 2009 and has streamlined her digital supply organization system/process over the years. Let’s see what she has found that works for her.


Can you explain how you scrap and how this has helped you to develop your organization structure?


Over the years, the way I scrapped has evolved to the point where I scrap mostly from a single kit, or a single collaboration. I used to mix things up quite a bit, but I’ve come to realize that it is easier and quicker for me to build my layout from a single kit which has already been coordinated by the designer. Sometimes, I will shop my stash for just a few little “extras” that might be missing from the kit I’m working with (stitches, buttons).  As a result, I’ve simplified my organization system and whittled down the time I spend organizing. I used to tag a lot more pieces in each kit, but now I rely more on searches to find what I need if it isn’t in the kit. My switch from a PC to a MacBook Pro and the different programs available have also influenced my digi-supply organization.

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Digital Supply Organization Using ACDSee

Happy weekend everyone!  I’m here today to talk about how I use ACDSee to organize my digital files.  Purchasing an organization program isn’t for everyone, but hopefully my description of how I use ACDSee will give you some insight into deciding whether it is for you.  Ready to get started?  Then come on in and join me for some organization chat . . .


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Digital Supply Organization Using Finder


As promised, today we will begin sharing some of our own personal systems for organizing our digital scrapbook supplies. We asked each of the Peers to answer the following questions about how they scrap, and how they store and search for their supplies. Hopefully, someone’s organization system will resonate with you and you will find a system that will work for you too. Additionally, we have created a sub-forum just for organizing-related questions, so if you have any, that’s the place to ask them. So let’s get started!


Today we are talking with Jen Flaherty, our Blog Team Peer Director. Jen has been scrapping since 2005 so her organization system has gone through many iterations. Here she talks in depth about her evolution.

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Pick of the Month: AnyList

I’m a list maker. To do lists. Grocery lists. Shopping lists. Gift lists. You name it. I’ve got a list for it. Lists make me feel organized and give me a sense of comfort that I’m not going to forget to do something. Maybe that’s because I’ve got a short memory. LOL!


I used to have paper lists all over the place and I’d still forget things. It would happen all the time that I’d have a long grocery list prepared and I’d find myself at the grocery store with my list lying on my kitchen counter. Argh! Frustrating. Please tell me I’m not the only one that happened to! That never happens to me anymore. For a couple years now I and my family have used a free app called “AnyList” on our phones. Not a day goes by that we don’t use this app. You can check it out in the App Store.

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