Eyes – The Windows to Our Souls

Hello and welcome to my favorite part of editing – THE EYES!!!  Many great philosophers and artists have been credited with the phrase “The eyes are the windows to our souls”, but I like to give credit to Leonardo Da Vinci as we all perpetuate art.  Every single person has beautiful eyes and that’s why I like to spend extra time on them when editing my photos.

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Tonal Correction with Frequency Separation


Hello.  I hope you’re all ready to jump right into our next Portrait Editing tutorial.  Today I will be showing you how to correct skin tones with the same process as last week, but this time we will be working with the Low layer which contains the tonal values and not the textured High layer.  A lot of editors use the Frequency Separation process and I love it for when I have a lot of photos from a function to edit.

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