The Thankful 30: A Gratitude Project

Welcome to The Thankful 30: A November Gratitude Project

Welcome to the Thankful 30: A November Gratitude Project hosted by


What is the Thankful 30?

The Thankful 30 is a simple project that focuses on our need to celebrate life, show gratitude, and remind ourselves of our blessings during one of the busiest months of the year.


There are multiple ways to work on your project throughout the month:

  • Meditate on one word daily following the Thankful 30 Calendar. Focus on how the word manifests its self in your daily routine throughout the day.
  • Snap a photo of someone or something that represents a Thankful 30 word.
  • Write a short, simple message that conveys your thoughts about a Thankful 30 word. Share your message with us on our Facebook group.
  • Combine your photos, the daily cards and simple messages into a simple Project Life® monthly page.
  • Be mindful of the daily word and try to find ways to apply the gratitude to your life.


How to Get Started

Start with week one. Each Tuesday we’ll provide you with 7 cards + extras + an updated calendar that can help you reflect on a specific word for the day.

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