Digital Art

Mixing Digital & Traditional Art

Hello all my artsy friends, and welcome to the next installment of our Winter Magic collaboration!  I absolutely love my digital creations and layouts, but I still love getting my hands “painty” and working with traditional art supplies.  Today we have a very special guest in the Scrapaneers house  – my awesome friend Donna Downey (artist extraordinaire) is sharing her ideas for combining digital art with traditional art techniques.   Are you ready to get your hands dirty (in a good way)?  Then come on in and join me . . .


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Animated Snow in Photoshop

Creating Animated Snow in Photoshop


Welcome to December on the Scrapaneers blog!  Today we are kicking off a month filled with fabulous creative tutorials, some surprise guests and a free and FABulous collaboration called Winter Magic.  Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in December to collect all the Winter Magic downloads and learn some digital tips and tricks along the way.  I am kicking things off with a fun tutorial for creating animated (falling) snow on your digital pages.  Ready to get started?  Then come on in and join me . . .


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Creating Hybrid Digital Portraits

Welcome to February everyone!  I am excited to kick off this month on the blog because the Peers are focusing on Hybrid projects.  Many digital scrappers started off with traditional (or not-so-traditional) paper scrapbooking – I am definitely in this group.  Although I have moved to almost 100% digital for memory-keeping pages, I still love to get my hands painty with mixed media art journaling types of projects.  I am truly in my artistic happy place when I can combine digital and tangible art together into one amazing project.  Today, I am going to take you on a journey through the process of creating a hybrid portrait using a digital photo sketch and traditional art supplies. Ready to get started?  Then come on in and join me . . .


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Paint a Portrait using the Watercolor Filter and Color Blend Mode

Welcome back! I am Christa, and I am here with another “fun with filters” tip & tricks tutorial. I really love working in Photoshop with sketching, painting and blending. For me, besides my love for scrapbooking and memory keeping, I also love to explore Photoshop and play on the artistic side. I do have a few plug-in art filters from Akvis (Artworks & Sketch), but there are also fun filters built-in to Photoshop, (and Photoshop Elements) that you can do similar things with. Today let’s play with the Watercolor Filter!

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Creating Animated GIF Layouts in Photoshop & Elements

Welcome to December everyone!!! I am super excited to kick off this month on the Scrapaneers Blog because we have a very special surprise in store for you. There are so many amazing digital artists out there who have supported Scrapaneers over the last three years, that we wanted to spend December giving something back to all of you.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in December, we will highlight designers in the digital community and give away mini-kits that they have designed – all of which coordinate into a massive Mega-Collection that we lovingly call The Magic of Beginnings. In addition to the kit downloads, the Peers will demonstrate a variety of techniques throughout the month to help you grow your digital artistry and memory-keeping skills.


Ready to take a look at The Magic of Beginnings and learn how to make an animated GIF layout in Photoshop? Then come on in and join me . . .


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Realistic Drop Shadows with One Click by Kim Still

Realistic Drop Shadows with One Click in Photoshop CC 2015

There are so many reasons I love digital scrapbooking over paper scrapbooking: it’s affordable, there’s no clean-up and, of course, I can hit CMD + Z whenever I don’t like something! But I have always loved the look of paper pages. I just love the texture and layers and it is a style I love to emulate on my digital pages, but with way less cleanup. And that usually means spending a ton of time getting realistic drop shadows, but an update to Photoshop has made realistic drop shadowing so much easier.


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