Cilenia Curtis

Cilenia Curtis is a true artist at heart and uses her talents in many areas of her life. She creates art not only in her professional life as an Architect and Engineer, but also in her digital & mixed media art, her amazing art quilts, and ink paintings.


She has a deep obsession for fabrics, watercolor inks and mixing it all up with computer graphics. She also shares her love for art by inspiring and teaching young children to use art journaling as a way of healing and expression of emotions.


She has been professionally teaching computer aided graphics for over 25 years both privately and within companies she has worked for.  She chose to put all that aside 4 years ago to pursue her own dream of owning her own creative business, by pouring herself into her art and sharing with others the passion she feels when she creates.


Since she first started teaching herself how to use computers for designing in 1986, she has learned to master several graphic programs, and continues to push the limits of learning. Cilenia finds Photoshop, Art Rage and AutoCAD to be her best outlets for creating digitally. In her real life art, she continues to play with her “colors”, as she likes to call her inks and paints, by experimenting (playing), in her loft art studio loft on a daily basis.


Cilenia lives on the edge of the Mojave desert and Mount Charleston located just on the outskirts of Las Vegas, NV and loves the exquisite beauty that is ever changing between these two extreme seasonal environments.  She can be found taking in the sites of the desert and mountains on her Harley motorcycle, just as often as seen wild flower hunting through the canyons in her vintage petticoats and dresses. She reflects her own extreme styles of art much in the same way, from the sassy and edgy grunge art style of her inks, to the soft botanicals and watercolors she loves so much. Both are reflected in the art she finds joy in creating every day.


Cilenia’s dream is to share her love of art and inspire other’s to find their inner artist by helping them see deeper into the beauty found in our everyday lives around each of us.  She firmly believes there is an artist lurking in all of us, and we only need to believe it to release it.

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