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Playing with filters in Photo Shop and Photo Shop Elements can provide a lot of fun effects. Today we are playing with the Poster Filter and the Halftone Pattern Dot Filter, both located in the Filter Gallery. Using both of these in a grid like template, you can create your own comic page!

Growing up, our Sunday morning ritual after services, was to have breakfast and read the Sunday “Funnies”.  There was always the illustrated comics of Peanuts, Cathy, Andy Capp, Hagaar the Horrible, Dennis the Menace, and Family Circus which I loved. There was also the more detail drawn ones like Brenda Starr and Dick Tracey. The detail drawn ones are the style we are going with using the Poster Filter.

[**While the screen shots are reflected as Photo Shop images, the same filters are available in Photo Shop Elements.]

To start this quick page, I made a white grid template. You can make your own or you can use a premade scrapping comic strip template. (Lynne-Marie at the Lily Pad has some fun ones in the July 2015 M3 add-ons Heroic Storyboards found here: ) For mine, I just made thick white lines as the border all the way around and then the width of the border I made different shapes and then stroked it all in black.

Here is what my template looked like:

The white grid border edging is the top layer. Each gray shape is on a separate layer (below the edge layer) so that you can clip your photo or paper to each shape.

Choose the photos you wish to use for your detailed comic. When the photo has lots of color it stands out better.  (The photos I have chosen to work with, are  free stock photos from the Morgue File and

Open the photo of the woman.  *Morgue File photo: file000624693382* [Make sure it is a duplicate and not the original.]


Make any adjustments you need to your photo. This photo is fine the way it is, so no additional adjustments are needed, and we can add a filter to this.

On the top tool bar, Select Filter > Filter Gallery


The Filter Gallery will open up.  I selected Artistic > Poster Edge and then used the sliders on the right to get the comic look I wanted.



Do this for all of your photos and clip them to where you want them in the grid template.



The two spaces I have left, we want to add color paper and dots to it. Clip a solid color (turquoise 5b8489) to the pointed shape.


Have your foreground color set to a light blue/green (code 99c3c9) and the background the same color as the solid color (5b8489).



Click on the solid color turquoise layer. Now again we want to select a filter from the Filter Gallery.  Select Filter > Filter Gallery as we did previously.  We want to now add the halftone dots to it.



Select Sketch folder and choose Halftone Pattern.  Then in the slider area on the right side, select Halftone Pattern     Size=1  Contrast = 5 and Pattern Type set to Dot. Of course, adjust to your desire.

Select  OK

Do the same with the same with the bottom square. I did the Foreground color d86a77 pale salmon and background c64050 dark salmon.



Now we are ready to add the speech bubbles and the font/type. (The free font being used is Comic Book and can be found here: )


Select the custom shape tool from the tool set. (Custom tool icon looks like a starfish). Select the Speech Bubble from the choices, and on a new layer draw a speech bubble.



Now type in the dialogue you wish in the speech bubble using the comic font.



Add title and elements as you choose.


Experiment and have fun making comics of your own. See you in the “Funnies”!


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