Converting a Stamp into an Embossed Element

This month, when I stepped back and looked at my completed page, the left side was pretty flat and uninspiring. Sure, my style is pretty simple when it comes to my Pocket Pages, but still sometimes I like to add a little depth to them. That’s when I decided to play around with the embossing effect and wound up converting a .png stamp into an embossed element on my page. Today, I share how I did it.


First, let’s take a look at this week’s layout:

It was a great week in our family with three birthdays being celebrated and the beginning of the new school year, so there was a lot to document. Let’s take a closer look at the left-hand side of the page:

We celebrated my son’s birthday with a trip to Long Island’s Adventure Park, a great park with lots of climbing and zip lining. It is an amazing place! I decided to add three videos, via QR code links, of each of my kids zip lining. Barbara did a great tutorial on how to include these in your scrapbook pages which you can find here.


You’ll notice an embossed balloon on the journal card. That balloon started out as a black .png stamp. I’ll show you how to convert it to an embossed element in the video at the end of this post.


Now let’s take a quick peek at the right hand side:

This side was pretty straightforward. Just one journal card and a bunch of photos. I balanced the top row by adding a shot of my three kids on both sides of the journal card. I did mix things up a little by varying the photo sizes in the middle row by adding two photos to the center photo mat. I balanced the photos in the middle row by flanking the center photos with a photo on the left of my son getting onto the middle school bus for the first time and a photo on the right of my son getting off the bus later that day. Simple design choices that lead to a balanced and pleasing layout.


If you are interested in learning how to convert a stamp into an embossed element, check out the video below. Until next time…












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