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Many digi scrappers, myself included, like to use fonts that look like handwriting to journal on their scrapbook layouts. I’ve always thought it added a nice bit of realism to my own pages. When you scrap digitally instead of using paper supplies, it’s difficult to use your own handwriting.  So, we’ve all hunted for the perfect font to use.

I’d like to share a few options that are available to us to create a font from our own handwriting or the writing of a loved one.


You’ll need a few things on hand when it comes time to create your font. You’ll need a new, black pen, preferably fine point, the appropriate blank paper or the template provided by the website printed out and access to a scanner to scan your papers/template when completed.


MyScriptFont  – Free online tool to create a vector font


Fontifier – Preview your font before you purchase for $9


Your Fonts – Preview for free, purchase for as little as $9.95, get your font within 15 minutes


Digital scrappers have had a few places over the last several years to find fun, handwritten fonts to use on their pages. One of these is Fonts for Peas or I know I’m a sucker for a good handwriting font and I’m not telling how many Pea fonts are on my hard drive. They actually have an option of taking your handwriting sample and turning it into a font for you for free. Because they have a number of requests, they don’t select every submitted sample.

Their tips are to use a new black pen, a gel or felt-tip NOT a ballpoint pen. Also, a fine tip, not a marker (unless you were trying to make a bold font). You would write each letter in the alphabet, both capital letters and lowercase, numerals and all the punctuation. Each site will usually have a sentence or two for you to write so as to determine your letter spacing and connectivity.

You’ll scan at the requested dpi, quite often 300, as a color scan saved as a jpg type file not a pdf file.


Another favorite of digi scrappers are Darcy Baldwin fonts. She has free downloads of handwritten fonts on her website. For custom fonts, she offers both print and script paid font options and also offers an opportunity to get your own free handwritten font as well.

Darcy also has suggestions on specific pens and paper to use for optimal results as well as additional sentences so that she can capture your letter connectivity.


This is only font service where I have personal experience, having done both my own and my daughter’s handwriting a year or so back. I’m often complimented on both of them when used on my scrapbook layouts.


My handwriting font is not picture perfect like the gorgeous script fonts out there but it is uniquely me and I’ve chosen to embrace that. From the very first time I typed something out to “test-drive” it I was amazed at how spot on it is. It’s like I’m writing across my computer screen. I should have done it sooner. If you’ve ever wanted to get your own handwriting on your digital pages, I highly recommend giving one of these options a try.

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  • Amanda July 24, 2015   Reply →

    There’s also InstaFont that you can fiND Un the Applease or Google Play Store. I love it. You can download it to your phone or tablet and write directly on your screen. You can do the free version and work on one font at a time or pay for it and work on many. With the free version the can use your fonts for advertisment (showing, not sharing) but not with the paid version.

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