De-clutter and Purge Those Supplies

Do you have digi-supplies that you’ve never used?


Do you still have kits from the early days of digi?


Have you run out of room on your hard drives to store all your supplies?


If you’ve answered, “YES”, to any of these questions or even, “MAYBE”, it’s time you got serious about purging your digi-stash.


I hope I haven’t scared anyone off. After all “to purge is to get rid of something…and often it’s done suddenly” ( For many of us, the thought of purging digital supplies we paid good money for or spent many hours downloading is downright intimidating and overwhelming. I’m here to help alleviate those fears and provide some pointers to help you through this process.


First of all….LET GO OF THE GUILT! Don’t beat yourself up over money spent on your digital supplies (especially since you couldn’t pass up such good deals) or all those great freebies (I know there were so many wonderful ones from iNSD that you couldn’t resist). We’ve all been there. I’ve been there. It will be OK, but let’s learn from our experiences.


Next, set a realistic goal. You need to pace yourself. I set a daily time of 10-15 minutes for a one-week period each year to review and purge my digital scrapbooking supplies. This way you aren’t forever decluttering and purging, it’s a short amount of time and only requires the dedication of one week. This is do-able!


Go ahead and DELETE! This is the scary part, but really it’s not. It’s only one little button on your computer usually somewhere over on the right side of your keyboard that is conveniently labeled, “delete”. You don’t need a huge stash of digital supplies to make you a great scrapper. So here are some tips:


  • Go with your gut. If you think you won’t use it, you probably wont.  Delete.
  • Be real. If you haven’t used it in a year, let it go. Delete.
  • Ask yourself, “Self…do I love it?”
  • Ask yourself, “Is this really my current style?”


If you answer yourself, “no” to either of these questions (and here there is no judgment for talking to yourself) then delete.


Finally, post your progress on your favorite scrapping forum or social media. Or better yet, challenge your scrapping friends to join you for a week of digi stash busting. This is great motivation for keeping yourself accountable, seeing your stash slim down and for cheering each other on.


This is just one step in keeping your digital supplies from becoming overwhelming. It will save you scrapping time and storage space by eliminating supplies you just don’t use.


Don’t be afraid of delete!

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  • Katherine Engelhardt May 16, 2014   Reply →

    I’m going to do this although it is a little scary for all the reasons you mentioned, but I have things I know I will never use that I don’t even really like.

  • Jane May 19, 2014   Reply →

    DVDs are cheap, so if you can’t bear the thought of permanently deleting supplies, put them on a dvd, but delete them from your computer. You can always fetch the dvd if you really want to look over that old stash of never used stuff. Do label the dvd and date it, so you know approximately what is on it.

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