• Lay the Foundation for a Lifetime of Digital Scrapbooking Skills

    Imagine having a plan — an entire system of support — that introduces you to your photo-editor, helps you design beautiful, memorable layouts and equips you with the right skills to digital scrapbook for a lifetime.

    That's the Digital Scrapbook Academy.

The Digital Scrapbook 2018 Academy

For Beginners

  • Adobe Photoshop® (CS6, CC) or Adobe Photoshop Elements® (version 15 or above) required
  • 9 month class
  • Forever access — learn at your own pace
  • No experience necessary



So, you’re ready to begin digital scrapbooking! Wonderful. Fabulous, even!


You’ve downloaded your software, uploaded your pictures, and found some cute digital supplies to decorate your first few pages.


But you stop because, now, you realize you have to take time to learn how to navigate around your photo-editing software.


Or you stop because, for some reason, your photos look weird when you try to enlarge or reduce them — they stretch.


Or you stop because some decoration keeps blocking a part of your photo and you can’t seem to move it in the right way.


And the list goes on and on …


Every time you sit down to digital scrapbook you get stuck (or stopped) and it feels so frustrating!


The reality is digital scrapbooking is a lot of big techniques and processes picked up and developed over time.


Digital scrapbooking is one part creativity mixed with TONS of steps and different activities. We’re talking photography, photo-editing, design sense, style, technique, products — there’s a lot going on.


Managing it all takes time but most beginner digital scrapbooking classes are too short — no one can learn to digital scrapbook in a month! And most Youtube videos don’t address everything you’d need to know and can leave you feeling lost when their steps don’t work for you.


In Digital Scrapbook Academy, you’ll receive 9 months — an entire foundation — of digital scrapbook training and support. We’ll start at the VERY, VERY beginning — where you simply have photos that you want to pair with words and slowly, methodically wind our way down the path of beginner digital scrapbooking.


Take a look at our path below:




The Path of a Beginning Digital Scrapbooker

digital scrapbooking for beginners path

  • Lesson 1: Get Started

    Focus firmly on the photos and the stories you want to tell. Set up an offloading sequence to quickly move pictures from your camera to your computer. Choose a photo-editing software and create your first few layouts.

    Lesson 1: Get Started
  • Lesson 2: Get Stronger

    Dig deeper into your photo-editing software and become more comfortable with the most important tools. Customize your workspace and grow your supplies -- with quality products.

    Lesson 2: Get Stronger
  • Lesson 3: Photo-Editing & Backups

    Discover basic photo-editing tricks to help your photos stand out and shine on your layouts. Set up a tri-level backup system so you’re ready if, and when, technology fails and computer files corrupt.

    Lesson 3: Photo-Editing & Backups
  • Lesson 4: Organization & Printing

    Develop an organization system for your photos and supplies and find what you need when you need it. Choose the right mix of printing solutions: at-home or outsourced, single-paged or double-paged, and albums or photobooks.

    Lesson 4: Organization & Printing
  • Lesson 5: Customizing Templates & Type

    With strong systems in place, you feel slightly more confident and ready to build customized layouts. Tinker with templates and redevelop their design to match your vision. Download unique fonts and develop page personality using type.

    Lesson 5: Customizing Templates & Type
  • Lesson 6: Style

    Recognize different visual approaches to digital scrapbook design. Begin to question your own style and notice how your style has evolved over time. Dabble in other styles unlike your own with a different look and feel.

    Lesson 6: Style
  • Lesson 7: Shadowing

    Realize the importance of customizing shadows. Focus your attention on learning everything you can about shadows. Discover how shadowing unlocks the world of Styles and Layer Effects.

    Lesson 7: Shadowing
  • Lesson 8: Speed Up

    Develop and rely on Actions to speed past your most common, routine processes. Purposely use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your page development process.

    Lesson 8: Speed Up
  • Lesson 9: The Next Level

    Other digital scrapbookers begin to ask you advice and wonder how to get started. You no longer feel like you’re a beginner.

    Lesson 9: The Next Level

Preview the 2018 Academy

See the Academy in action at free events throughout December! Our three live events will be recorded and added here.


Peek Into My Scrapbook Albums

Peek Into My Scrapbook Albums

December 6 at 9 pm ET

View Tiffany's transition from paper to digital scrapbooker and her 12-year progression from budding beginner to advanced veteran and how her layouts, page building process, systems, style and techniques developed along the way.

RSVP for Live Broadcast

Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking

Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking

December 13 at 9 pm ET

While the main purpose of both digital and paper scrapbooking is memory keeping, there are a few important distinctions. We'll dig deep into the benefits of Doing it Digi.

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Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

December 20 at 9 pm ET

Both Photoshop® and Elements® are powerhouses but which one will help you get the job done? Take a quick tour of both programs, see their current differences and decide which program, and program investment, is right for your needs as a budding digital scrapbooker.

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Academy Benefits


Worthy Advice

Ask any digital scrapbooker what they wish someone would have told them in the beginning, and you’ll receive tons of helpful and worthy advice. Our Worthy Advice (WA) lessons are just that! You will receive best practice articles for an easier entrance into digital scrapbooking.


Systems Set Up

Digital scrapbooking is simply a form of memory keeping but it also requires multi-layered processes that connect with one another. Via guided pre-recorded lessons, we’ll show you the underlying Systems (SYS) that will support the way you digital scrapbook and help you put each into practice. You’ll get organized and avoid the most common pitfalls of digital scrapbooking.


Page Building Lessons

The core of scrapbooking is to develop layouts that capture your words and photos but digital scrapbooking comes with a twist — you also have to know how to navigate around your photo-editor of choice. You have to know which tool to choose for the right job, how to use said tool, and where to find it within your photo-editor.  Our Page Building Lessons (PB + TECH) will methodically introduce you to the tools you’ll rely on most as a digital scrapbooker, show you how to use each, plus allow you to complete a scrapbook page all at the same time using Adobe Photoshop® and Photoshop Elements®.


Page Building Lessons are presented via monthly live meetings in a private webinar — one meeting for each software group. You’ll also receive a brand new, exclusive kit EACH MONTH to recreate the steps shared in each page building exercise.


Time to Soak It All In

Other beginner digital scrapbooking classes run at break-neck speed to try and rush you to the next level of digital scrapbooking. Our nine-month format is designed to slowly and skillfully introduce you to the entire foundation of digital scrapbooking at a manageable, guided pace.


Once you complete Digital Scrapbook Academy, you’re done! You’ll no longer be, or feel like, a beginning digital scrapbooker. You’ll scrapbook with CONFIDENCE!

The Digital Scrapbook 2018 Academy

Build a Strong Digital Scrapbooking Foundation
with a 2018 Academy Membership


The 2018 Academy is active from January to September 2018. Membership includes:



  • 9 live, monthly page-building meetings (one for Photoshop users and one for Elements users)
  • On-demand and downloadable meeting recordings
  • 13 brand-new & exclusive digital kits by designer Mye de Leon
  • Bonus supplies when lessons require extras
  • A monthly step-by-step companion guide
  • Access to our positive, private academy-only community
  • 10% off 2018 classes and events hosted by Scrapaneers.com


Pay Per Month Plan
$15per month for 9 months
  • Must activate monthly payment plan by January 31
  • No commitment - cancel anytime
Best Value: Pay in Full
$120one-time fee
  • Save $15


Frequent Questions


Q. I cannot attend the live meetings. Can I still join?

A. Yes, you can still join the Academy. All live meetings are recorded and provided for you to watch on-demand later at your leisure, or download and watch on your own computer.


Q. I have an older version of the software recommended. Should I still join?

A. No. We cannot offer support for older versions of Adobe’s software outside of Adobe Photoshop® (CS6, CC) or Adobe Photoshop Elements® (version 15 or above).


Q. If I start a Pay Per Month Plan and cancel, will I still have access to what I’ve already purchased?

A. You’ll want to download everything you’ve had access to in the Academy before your subscription lapses. After your subscription lapses, you will not have access to the Academy.


Q. What happens after my final payment of the Pay Per Month Plan?

A. You’ll have forever access to the 2018 Academy.


Q. Can I sign up for a Pay Per Month Plan after January 31?

A. No.


Q. How long will I have access to the 2018 Academy after it ends in September?

A. Forever or as long as the site remains available. But even if the internet disappears, you’ll be able to download everything in the 2018 Academy.


Q. Will there be a 2019 Academy? If I purchase  2018 Academy will I receive access to future Academies?

A. Your purchase of the 2018 Academy is ONLY for the 2018 Academy.



Who Leads The Academy?

Tiffany Tillman Emanuel is the founder of Scrapaneers. Through the Academy, Tiffany is a go-to resource for what digital scrapbookers desire to create.


A little note from Tiffany: “Give me 9 months in The Academy and I’ll provide you with the strong foundation you need to digital scrapbook for a lifetime. That’s a LOT of memories!”


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