Easy On-line Artistic Effects with “Photomania”

Artistic photo effects are easy if you have a little help. I found a fun on-line site called Photomania that makes it easy to create artistic effects.


The Photomania site promises to “make your photos beautiful and expressive with a single click”. I love all the artistic apps on my phone, so I was certainly curious to check this one out on my computer. The start page looks like this and with a click of the pink button you are on your way to creating some fun effects.



To demonstrate some of the fun artistic effects this site has I’ll use this photo of my youngest on the day she got our puppy:


When you open the site you have an option to select your photo from your computer or Facebook:


I choose to upload my photo from my computer. Your image is shown in the center with artistic and fun options shown on the left panel. You can see there are artistic options for camera, sketch, painting, magical, vintage, textures, cartoon and pop art:


Let me show you a few of these, starting with the sketch:


The artistic effect is automatically applied to your image. You can change the intensity of the effect with the small slider.


Another artistic effect I was interested in was one of the vintage effects:


I love the textured old photo look on my image.


Next I explored the “fun” effects and look how easy it was to create this reflection using one of the illusion effects:


Next I tried out one of the drawing effects and was amazed with this image that reminded me of the top down style layouts we learned about last year in Champions here at Scrapaneers:


Finally I couldn’t resist putting my image into a Zukerberg presentation (found under celeb effects):


The panel above your image has options to change your photo, view the before/after effect application by using the little arrows, downloading your created image to your computer, printing your new image and also sharing on social media.


Have fun exploring all the artistic effects this on-line site provides.


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