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Hi scrappers. We’re talking about filters this month. Truth be told, I don’t use a lot of “artsy” filters on my photos or pages but I do love to improve my photos with filters. My scrapbooking style trends a bit more traditional. For editing my photos, my absolute favorite plug-in for PS/PSE is Totally Rad’s RadLab. It is a little pricey and even when you can catch it on a good sale, it might be a bit more than your scrap budget wants to shell out (but I think it is totally worth budgeting for). Enhancing photos with Totally Rad’s PicTapGo app (iPhone only) allows you to apply photo filters with ease without needing an expensive photoshop plug-in.


Granted, the app doesn’t have as much control as the desktop plug-in, but you can adjust the strength of the filter(s) and you can stack filters to get your desired look. In addition to editing photos from within PicTapGo itself, you can also edit them directly from your Photos camera roll. If starting in photos, click on the edit icon and then the 3-dots for more on the lower right, from there you should see PicTapGo as an editor option if you have it installed.


Once in PicTapGo, make sure you are the filters option. Note that you can choose to see all the filters at once, or focus on basic, color or B&W.

For this photo, I’m starting with the B&W filters. I chose the Simple B&W, then I followed it up with a little Lights On from the basic, Using the slider,  dialed the intensity down on the Lights On, to around 1/3. I’m pretty happy with this B&W conversion.

I snapped a quick selfie and unfortunately, the afternoon lighting was a little bright coming in, making it a little difficult to get a great shot. Using PicTapGo, I used Lights On (full) and then Orange You Glad at around 50%. Super quick and easy.

This photo of me and my daughter wasn’t horrible, but we seemed to need a little brightening around our faces. In this one, I applied the Air filter at about 75% and then to add a little more softness, Sugar Rush at 100%.

And just because I like to play, I did a B&W version of another poorly lit selfie. In this one, I just chose the Powder filter.

I love PicTapGo, I think I’ve add it ever since it was released.Much like the full-blown plug-in for PS/PSE, the PicTapGo app also allows you to save your recipes so that you can re-use them. For me, almost everything gets a little “lights on”, and the “orange you glad” filter seems to give me a nice color adjustment for many of my photos. I consider these to be some of my go-to basics. Since the strength of the filters is adjustable, you can easily add a little warmth, or cooling. “Loft”, “powder” and “sugar rush” are some of my favorites for adding a bit of softening. Play a little and you’ll find your own favorites. These are my kind of filters and I love using them to improve my photos for my capturing stories in my scrapbook pages.



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  • Dondi May 24, 2017   Reply →

    I think I will give Pic Tap Go a try.
    Thank you for making it’s purpose clear.

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