Grow Your Digital Scrapbooking Skills

You’ve mastered the basics — good job! Now, let’s transform you into a page-creating boss!

More Realistic DigiScrap Techniques

Time and time again, we hear scrapbookers (both digital and paper) say they don’t want to sacrifice the tactile look of their paper pages by going digital. Guess what? You don’t have to!


By the end of class you will understand:

  • How to develop straight, textured, realistic stitching from scratch (PS).
  • When to combine blend modes and layer styles for stitching (PS).
  • How to fold, score and create paper bumps using Burn, Dodge tools.
  • How to develop straight, textured, realistic stitching not from scratch (PSE).
  • How to create isolated shadows and skip steps for a quicker process (PSE).
  • punch-through-paper process using selection tools, Brush presets, blending and layering.

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A New Class Each Month

Each month, the Scrapaneers produce a new in-depth class for our Adept Level students. What do we have for you this month?

  • September 2017 Class

    Heritage with Michele

    While you may not have tons of heritage photos of your family several generations back, you might have access to a few photos, if not whole albums, that are just waiting to be brought to life for your family to enjoy. Their photos, as well as their stories, are incredibly important to be dusted off and looked at with a new, more inviting format. You might be surprised at just how easy it really is to take a step back in time and find new stories just waiting for you.

    About Monthly Classes Heritage with Michele
    Heritage with Michele

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In digital scrapbooking there is a TECHNIQUE TRINITY: Blending, Shadowing and Brushwork! Understanding the intermediate and advanced functions of each helps us create more realistic, satisfying, and visually-stunning projects!

Power Up Your Tools

Take an in-depth, front to back, start to finish workshop on everything you need to know about some of Adobe Photoshop’s® (and Elements’®) most confusing tools.

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When You’re Ready to Tackle Design

Struggle with where everything should go on your digital scrapbook layout? Click here to download PDF Placement Strategies that you can use to craft uniquely designed pages fast!


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