How to Manage Your Fonts

How to manage your multitude of fonts is a question that all scrappers face sooner or later. I believe most, if not all, scrappers have an unparalleled love of fonts.  We are hoarders collectors of fonts! There are many font managers available and they range in price from free to very expensive.  Personally, I like free.  I’ve tried many of the free font managers, some apps and some online.  Most allow you to view your fonts and nothing more.  Plus the ones I’ve tried tend to crash or freeze up continuously.  That can be very frustrating, especially if you have limited time set aside for scrapping!   A couple of months ago I found FontBase.  Their website describes FontBase as a blazing fast, beautiful and free font manager for Windows 7 & up.  So far I have loved this app.  It hasn’t crashed or frozen up once since I’ve been using it and it really does have some cool features.  So without further ado, we’ll look at some of the features I’ve found very useful.

Easily Preview Your Text to Choose the Best Font


Clicking on the three little dots at the top of the FontBase workspace allows you to type your text so you can easily compare and choose the best font.  In addition to the text, I like to include upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols because these aren’t always included with every font, as you can see in the samples below.  When journaling you certainly don’t want to have to change to a different font mid-paragraph because you find out no caps, numbers or symbols are included!



fonts manager



Other Cool Features for Managing Your Fonts


  1. You can change font color, background color (use hex codes if you want), font size, line height (leading), and left, center or right alignment.
  2. You can also pin your first choice to the top so you can easily compare it as you scroll through the others.
  3. Choose from all fonts or predefined collections, such as recently added and favorites or create your own collections.  Some of my personal collections are Commercial Use, Cursive, Typewriter, Thick, Scribbled/Worn, and two of my favorite font designers.  It’s super easy to do too. Just click the heart to add a font to your Favorites collection or drag-n-drop to one of your own custom collections.
  4. There is a search box at the bottom if you know which font you want to preview.
  5. Automatic updates so you don’t have to redownload the app to get updates.




Creating an Alpha from a Font


First, choose a thick (heavy) font.  Having a custom category for thick fonts in FontBase makes it easy to select the perfect font to make an alpha since you want a font that is not only thick but has sufficient space between the letters to add a good sized stroke. For this sample, I used Adorn Serif Regular. Then I clipped the striped paper from LJS Designs kit, Vintage Flea Market.






Add a Stroke on a Separate Layer


Then I added a 15 px Stroke on a separate layer.  I added a new layer above the text & clipped paper.  Then I selected the text by clicking on the text thumbnail while holding the Ctrl key.  Be sure the new layer selected go to Edit> Stroke (Outline) Selection.  When the Stroke box opens set the width to 15 px, Location: Outside, Opacity: 100%.  The color doesn’t matter since we’ll clip a paper to the stroke layer.



Clip a Paper to the Stroke Layer


I clipped a solid paper to the stroke layer.  I’ve angled it to show the difference with the stroke only on the left and with paper clipped to the stroke on the right side.  You could color match the stroke but I like clipping a paper from the kit.  It can add an extra texture depending on the paper selected.






I hope you’ve found this information helpful.  If you have been looking for an easy font manager with some extra bells and whistles you’ll want to check out FontBase.






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  • Carol March 24, 2017   Reply →

    Thank you for this article! I was just looking for something like this!!

  • Patty March 24, 2017   Reply →

    Perfect timing! I was almost ready to spend a lot of money on a program and your info changed that!! Thank you!

  • Rose March 28, 2017   Reply →

    Will be checking this out asap. Thanks for the info!

  • Christine Martin March 30, 2017   Reply →

    Anyone have a suggestion for Mac users that isn’t Font Book?

    • Jen Flaherty June 16, 2017   Reply →

      Hi Christine! Just wanted to let you know FontBase is also available on Mac!

  • Sandy Boeshart October 2, 2017   Reply →

    Good to hear this is available for Mac too! Can I get the fonts I already have into FontBase?

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