Journaling on Artsy Layouts

Hi everyone

I’m so glad we are talking all about journaling at Scrapaneers Blog  this month and I have a great topic for you that I hope will get you inspired and not be afraid to journal on artsy pages.


How to Journal on Artsy Pages?


Sometimes artsy pages can be all about the mood and the overall page will speak to the viewer so the journaling doesn’t need a special focal point or many times the opposite occur the journaling even though little will do the trick on the page.


In this page I just used one word art and that was enough to convey the message I wanted to my subject which is my son.


In this case I used quotes from the book to make the impact with the journaling. I don’t think I need to do a formal journaling saying I was waiting for the movie using big quotes caused a impact and told the viewer I like that book and wanted to watch the movie.


Journaling can be Fun and Artsy too !!



At Scrapaneers we have classes that show how to uses paths and do many tricks with journaling like: the art of journaling , the power of the pen tool



Journaling can be in Unexpected Places




Artsy Layouts have space for traditional journaling

Even when a layout is more artsy we can find space to do traditional journaling if you have difficulty for that templates can  help to give you a guide to where the journaling should go, so you can play freely.


I hope this helped you to see some examples of different kinds of journaling even if your style is like mine that likes to use a lot of paint, brushes and all fun things on the page.


Till next time

Jana Oliveira

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  • Su Hall April 17, 2017   Reply →

    For a while, everyone scrapped, but, didn’t really know how to ‘art-journal’. Slowly, art-journaling became very fun and cool! Not to mention ‘artsy’!
    It would only be fair to show the art-journalers how to use a scrapped page. LOL Reverse art-journaling? Whatever it is, I sure like it! The written word adds so much to a layout most times. Other times, as you mention, it is fairly obvious what is being conveyed.
    Nice piece, Jana!

  • Yobeth Puckett April 18, 2017   Reply →

    Thanks for some great ideas. This is something I’ve struggled with myself so I’ll try some of these on future artsy pages.

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