Kathy Engelhardt

Katherine Engelhardt

Katherine and her husband Tim have three grown children and six adorable grandchildren who are the subject of most of her scrapbooking pages. Tim started a business in 1984 and recruited Katherine to work in the office with him. Her first experience with a computer was when Tim plopped a keyboard, CRT (anyone remember those black screens with green characters), and 2 inch thick manual on her desk and said, “See if you can figure this out.” She had it up and running in no time and so began a love of figuring things out on a computer.


Years later, with a much updated computer, she began collecting clipart and making cards and decorations. While doing a web search she stumbled upon a digital scrapbooking site and she was hooked. This was an opportunity to preserve memories and create art. Not only was this a fun hobby, but the scrapbooking community was so helpful and friendly. The classes she took in Photoshop improved her skills but didn’t directly address scrapbooking issues. While she still enjoyed figuring things out on the computer, it was frustrating not knowing how to make her pages look the way she envisioned them. She has learned many of those missing techniques here at Scrapaneers.


When not scrapbooking, Katherine enjoys drawing, cross stitching, and spending time with her family. She also enjoys making friends in scrapbooking forums and encouraging others in the galleries.

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