Kat Hansen

Katherine Hansen

Katherine Hansen, or Kat as she is known on the message boards, has been addicted to digital scrapbooking for about 10 years. She will openly admit that what once started as simply a hobby had turned into quite an obsession; she’s a bit of a self-confessed computer geek, too, so memory-keeping via computer is a perfect fit.


Kat was a paper scrapper before digital. Some of her early albums contain records of everyday “stuff” (sort of like Project Life, except that she had no idea what that even was), created to share with her adopted son. The pages were a snapshot of the daily life they’d hoped he would enjoy with them, family photos, etc. Kat wanted him to remember the transition from an orphanage to having a home and a family, so even the littlest things were huge milestones for him.


Kat discovered digital scrapping totally by accident. (She was looking for paper supplies and found a digital section on the website where she was shopping.) She was in heaven! Seriously, scrapping, photo processing and a computer? Kat hasn’t gone back to paper (well, except for the occasional artist trading card or small hybrid project).


Kat loves recording a good story, be it a happy memory or even a not-so-happy one; she believes in keeping memories of the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly. Her sense of humor is often reflected in her pages. Her style morphs from modern and graphic, to highly clustered, to minimalist, to … well, just about anything. Her son and dog tend to be the most scrapped subjects; vacations overseas also feature pretty highly. (Kat is from Australia – pretty cool, huh?) Kat loves to learn and fuel that inner geek by learning new techniques; she works primarily in Photoshop (CS5).


When she’s not scrapping, Kat loves to do other crafty projects, like knitting and needlepoint. She’ll also, on occasion, get out the pencils and charcoal for a little drawing. (Kat used to have her own business called “From a Photograph”.)

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