Lidia Sari

As a small girl growing up in a large family in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lidia had very few toys or art supplies. But that didn’t stop her from using her imagination, or from finding creative ways to express herself. After she moved to the U.S. and became an American citizen, she felt lucky to be in a place where there were so many opportunities to get involved in artistic pursuits.


She loved exploring various paper arts, including quilling and making cards, before taking up paper scrapbooking. However, once she started taking digital photographs, she switched over to digital scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking provided a terrific new medium for combining her two passions.


Lidia and her husband live in a beautiful little town in California with her youngest daughter and a dog named Leonard, while her oldest daughter goes to school in Maryland to pursue her dream. Her family is the main reason Lidia creates digiscrap art and her daughters are her muses and source of inspiration.


When Lidia is not scrapping, she is easily found hiking at local trails with her dog.

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  • Farrukh August 5, 2015   Reply →

    Hey Lidia, Congratulations! so happy to see you here. Just love your style of scrapbooking.

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