Lisa Breuer

Lisa Breuer

Lisa is an engineering project manager from Minnesota, but lately her work has her traveling away from home so it’s nice to have a creative hobby that can be done almost anywhere (even on the airplane). A scrapper since the mid- 1990’s, it wasn’t until she found an on-line class in 2007 that taught the basics of digi-scrapping that she found her creative outlet.


She confesses that she was never that happy with her paper pages since she could never get them to look like she pictured in her mind, but with digi she can. Her favorite digi tool is “undo”. With “undo” at your fingertips, there is no excuse not to experiment, to try different papers, elements, fonts and styles. She loves learning new tricks with Photoshop Elements and sharing the excitement of these new skills with others.


Married and a mom to four, you’ll see her family in many of her layouts. They are used to being photographed frequently and someday they just might appreciate it. Other activities that bring her joy include: photography, reading, bible study and dancing. Lisa has been on numerous creative teams and currently is a creative team member for Pixels & Company, Little Dream Designs, Liv Esteban and Heather Taylor.

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