Lisa Corbin-Polak

Lisa Corbin-Polak has been creating scrapbook layouts for nearly 20 years. In early 2009, she discovered digital scrapbooking and fell in love with all the things that Photoshop could do and how easy it was to contain her supplies. She loves the creative outlet found in manipulating pixels, trying new techniques and using the “undo” shortcut when they don’t quite work.


Lisa lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and two aging cats. Our family is blessed with a wonderful daughter and we miss her terribly while she is away in college. We are slowly adapting to this next phase of our lives. When Lisa isn’t working or scrapbooking, she enjoys reading, cooking, taking walks when it’s not too hot, learning new Photoshop skills and watching a little TV. (She doesn’t have cable or a satellite dish, but she streams a lot.)

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