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In keeping with the Travel theme this month, when I travel I always prepare for my trips with a list. I like to make lists and then check items off as I go. It doesn’t matter if it is packing for a vacation, cleaning the house, or going grocery shopping. I always feel better if I have a list to organize things, as it eliminates my worry about forgetting something.


Making a list can be rather boring with a blank piece of paper and a pen, but being a “Scrapbooker”, it can be much more creative and fun.  The various Digital Scrapbook Designers have a lot of elements and papers to assist you in the creative adventure. Let’s take a quick look how creative lists can benefit your traveling, and/or everyday life, and how you can also use them too, for your scrapping pages.


A checklist can be made simply using the custom shape square with the black outline and making some lines on a blank work space.  That is as simple as it gets, but it is in the creative spirit where the fun begins. I like to use a lot of Kate Hadfield’s Doodle Kits, (which can be found at, or even on Kate Hadfield’s website as she has doodles to match every occasion for me.


My checklists are usually for two purposes… one for actual use, and two, to include in my scrapping page(s). I do this a lot when I am going on vacation. I have a list for packing and then a list for my itinerary. The lists are made about a week before I go, and printed out, so that in case I need to run to the store to pick up a few things I will know what I need.


My itinerary list is good for knowing what I want to take photos of and what I plan on wearing each day. The clothes portion will transfer over to the packing list so like I said, it will all work together and keep me organized as I usually travel with a carry-on bag only. [That is regardless of where I am going and for how long.]  In addition, the itinerary list can be used to make notes on your trip to help with your scrapping the trip upon return.


Here are two pages I have made with check lists:



[Credits:  all supplies except fonts used found at

Kate Hadfield’s Me, Myself & I collab w/evakipler;  me, myself & I collab – alpha; Make Chores Fun;  and Going Places. CD Muckosky’s  Naturel (for to do list paper)

Fonts used on lists and journaling are: To do list: Doodolonomy Fred; Packing list: DJB Skritch Skratch and Travel Itinerary:  pea Jokilyn ; Journaling : CK Sloppy]



List pages can be done for anything. Here is a “favorites” list page I did using kits by CD Muckosky:



[All can be found here:
CD’s Summer Bucket List (Check List); CD’s Dreams Take Flight (BG paper); CD’s Home Sweet Home (lamp); CD’s Luv Song (for dot recolored and textured); CD’s alphas: Jelly Bean Toes (R), Serendipity (e), Happy Dance (a), Oh Happy Day (d), Luv Song (i), Free Spirit (n) and SuzyQ (g). In addition fonts that were used for Checklist (WIRED saji) and for journaling (Pea Devon) ]


Hope you find this a fun way to incorporate your love of scrapbooking with your traveling or everyday lists and have fun with it – until next time!!


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