Making a Christmas Card Book

With the holidays upon us, you are probably in the throes of receiving a plethora of holiday cards from your family and friends. I love receiving them each year and could never bring myself to throw them away, so after scouring the internet many years ago, I came across a great idea for preserving those precious memories that goes way beyond placing them in a box — making a Christmas card book! It’s such a super simple way to house all of those wonderful keepsakes that flood your mailbox each year. Today, I’m going to show you how to create one using the Winter Magic Collaboration.


Here’s what we’ll be making today:


Step One – Lay out your cards

Group your cards by size. Most people tend to use similar sizes when designing their holiday cards. However, you will see as you begin grouping your cards that there are many non-standard cards being created out there. Do your best to group them as closely as you can. I tend to put the narrowest cards in the front of the book, and the widest cards at the back, but you’ll see as you do this, you have to let your inner perfectionist go because many of the cards just don’t measure up like the others.


Step Two – Hole punch your cards

Next, lay out your cards to determine how you want your book to flip. I created my books as a top-flip book, however, you can also design them as a left to right flip book. Heck, you can even lay them out as a bottom-flip or right to left flip. It’s your book, so it’s your choice!


Anyway, as I said, my book was a top-flip book. Any cards that were not designed with the long edge as the top, were laid so that the top of those cards faced right. It’s important to have all your cards facing the same orientation so you don’t have to keep rotating the book as you flip through it. Once you have all the cards grouped by size and facing in the same direction, use a two-hole punch to punch holes in the top edge of each card. Be sure to push each photo all the way to the back of the hole punch so you get a complete hole. Partial holes are no bueno.



Step Three – Determine the size of your front and back cover

Before you head over to Photoshop, you need to determine the size of your book. Grab a good old-fashioned ruler and measure the width of your widest card and the height of your tallest card as they will be laid out in your book. For my book, my widest card was approximately 8 inches and the longest height was approximately 6 inches. I decided to add 1/2 inch to the width and 1/4 to the length. This is to give a 1/4 inch margin to each side of the book. However, because the hole punch can’t be adjusted, you can’t give a 1/4 inch margin to the top. If you add a 1/2 inch to the length of the book, you will just wind up with a 1/2 inch bottom margin. It’s just not necessary.


Step Four – Design and print your front and back cover

There’s not much to discuss here. Head over to your design app of choice and design your covers. I didn’t put any layers on my back covers, I just chose a pretty paper to sandwich the cards between. For added style, I printed on both sides of the covers for a more finished look.




Step Five – Use binder clips to attach the cards

Using 3 inch binder clips, slip all of your cards on and attach the front and back covers to the cards. And you’re done!



Once again, here is the finished book:



In fact, it was so simple, I decided to catch up on all of my books using the Winter Magic Collab! (Disclaimer: I didn’t have to hole-punch each book at once, I had been hole-punching and clipping the cards together each year, I just hadn’t designed a cover since 2010!)Β  This technique could be used for more than just holiday cards – think birthdays, anniversaries, special events . . . the list is really endless. πŸ™‚


The best part? Watching my kids flip through them!



Happy Holidays!

The Winter Magic Giveaway


A huge THANK YOU goes out to all the amazing designers who contributed to this Mega Collection. Winter Magic is perfect for your winter and holiday photos, but it also has a gorgeous color palette that is fitting for memorializing those everyday moments too. Ready for a peek at what you can collect during the month of December?


Winter Magic



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