Make a Photo Mask to Fit a Frame

Making a Photo Mask to Fit a Frame

Today, I’m sharing my go-to method for creating a photo mask for a frame. The great thing about this method is that it works for any shape frame.  To get started pick your frame.

In my example I’m using a heart-shaped frame, but any will work


1)  Start with your frame layer selected



2)  Choose the magic wand tool, highlight the selection tool from the left panel. Depending on the last tool used, your icon may look a little different, but the tool is in the location identified here.



Now in the bottom tool options panel, be sure to choose the wand. In the same panel, be sure that Check the tolerance is at around 30 and that the contiguous box is checked.



3) Click anywhere inside the frame. You’ll see “marching ants” around the inside of your frame



4) Optional: This step is completely optional, but I always like to expand my selection slightly in order to provide a bit of overlap between the frame and the photo.  Got to Select -> Modify -> Expand and type in a number between 10 and 20. Choose OK.




5) With the frame layer still selected, hold down the control key and click on the add new layer icon in your layers palette. This will create a new layer under your frame.



6) Now choose the paint bucket tool. Check your foreground color, you can use any color. Just make sure it is a different color than the background of your layout.



7) With the new layer that you just created selected, click inside the selection (inside the frame with your marching ants still visible). You should see the space inside of your frame fill with the foreground color.



8) Now you have created a custom photo mask for your photo. Be sure to bring your photo to the layer above your new mask and below your frame. Clip your photo to the mask (I use the alt, hover between the two layers and click method). Resize your photo to your liking to fit within the frame.



A perfect fit.

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