Meet the Newest Peers!

I’m so excited to not only be celebrating Scrapaneers’ Second Birthday, but to introduce to you Scrapaneers’ newest Peers, the talented memory keepers responsible for mentoring our students, creating artwork and blog posts that inspire, and keeping our forums alive and informative.


Please join us in welcoming:


Amie Wheeler

Amanda Fogelman

Jana Oliveira

Lidia Sari

Penny Davis

Zeneva Kovic


And the ladies we hope you’ve already come to know as continuing Peers:


Barbara Unzen

Janelle Van Leuven

Jennifer Flaherty

Judie B.

Katherine Engelhardt

Katherine Hansen

Lindy Krickbaum

Lisa Breuer

Lisa Corbin-Polak

Rachel Alles

Rosalie Vos Tulp

Sandy Henderson

Stacia Hall



Congratulations ladies! We are so lucky to have you as our Peers!

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  • Janaina Oliveira August 3, 2015   Reply →

    So glad to be here !

  • Katherine Engelhardt August 3, 2015   Reply →

    Welcome to the Team everyone!

  • Cynthia/MrsPeel August 3, 2015   Reply →


  • Judy Mac August 4, 2015   Reply →

    Welcome and congratulations!

  • Eva Zorkovic August 4, 2015   Reply →

    Super happy to be here. Thank you!

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