Mobile Workflow for Year Long Projects

This month here at Scrapaneers we’re highlighting tips to help out with sequential projects. To be honest, I have only attempted one sequential project. In fact, it is one that I’ve started several years and never kept up with it. This year, however, I may succeed with the help of embracing some help from my phone. I came up with a mobile workflow to help me keep things on track.


The project is from Cathy Zielske’s FIT class. And, finally, after attempting this for several years, I think I found an approach that will result in a completed 2016 project. This is the approach I have settled on which seems to be working so far.


  • Keep it Simple
  • Use Mobile Apps
  • Use Phone Notes
  • Use Monthly Project Albums

Keep it Simple

I’ve started this project several times and failed. While many scrapbookers love and embrace a hybrid approach, I determined that it just isn’t for me. I was frustrated by printing and cutting cleanly. I guess that is the perfectionist in me not accepting my print failures and my wavy cut lines. I also tried going with a digital approach, but I made it too complex and I couldn’t keep myself from wanting to “scrapbook” every page, by adding in different elements. The only way I was going to be able to accomplish this was to really focus on what I really want to capture each month for this year long project. This might have been the hardest reality to accept for this die-hard scrapbooker, but I came to terms with accepting simplicity. After all, I still have my regular scrapbook play to appeal to my creativity.


So, I paired it down to sticking with a Project Life format and a max limit of 4 6×8 pages for each month. I even have a couple of months that only have one page each because I lost my motivation, but I’ve captured those months anyway to help me continue forward.


I will have at least the following items for each month:


  1. Month Card
  2. Measurement Card (which might have only a small journal note)
  3. A B&W snapshot (ideally of me at the beginning of the month)
  4. A Quote Card



I can easily add more photos capturing my workouts, some favorite foods, etc., but these are the minimum. I have some months with a whopping 4 pages and in some cases a lot of smaller photos are included in those pages.


Use Mobile Apps

I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at the whole Project Life and I’ve said, “I am not a Project Life scrapbooker.” I have often said that I wish this had been popular when I started scrapbooking back in the 90’s, but somehow this style doesn’t fit the life or my scrapbooking style . . . or, does it?


Honestly, the Project Life app is so easy to use, that it is almost impossible not to embrace it for this year long project. My phone is with me everywhere I go. It is the camera I use for 99.9% of my photos, so all my photos are on my phone. The Project Life app is on my phone (and my iPad). And now that my favorite quick editor (Pic, Tap, Go) can edit photos from within the Project Life app, it just got that much easier. I would definitely say for any on-going or sequential project it is worth checking out Kelly Sill’s Art of the Apps class. Using Project Life and LetterGlow have made keeping this up doable. Making the decision to accept some simplicity and go this route in the 6 x 8 format for this FIT project, is the one thing that is going to have me finishing this project for 2016.



Use Phone Notes

That phone is with you all the time, use it to take notes throughout the month. I confess, I have an iPhone, but I’m pretty sure that all smartphones have some sort of native note app. Basically, I decided to create a note for each month of my FIT journey. I just call it June Fit (for example). You can keep a running commentary, you can dictate your notes, then when you are ready to create your journaling, just edit the note, highlight and copy over into your journal card.



Use Monthly Photo Albums

In addition to those notes each month, I also created a monthly FIT photo album. This way I can easily see how many photos I have at the end of each month and quickly determine the best way to incorporate them.


You could just as easily mimic this workflow on your computer and use Photoshop (or PSE). My failure with this approach has been that when I’m working in Photoshop, I want to keep adding and tweaking, browsing through my supplies looking for that little something extra. By limiting myself to the mobile approach, I’m forcing myself to keep it simple, to minimize the time for this series that I want to document and allow myself to still create outside of this project.

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  • Gwen Gordon November 18, 2016   Reply →

    Good Point! When you work with your photos in
    Photoshop, you spend more time than when you work with them on a mobile device.
    Congratulations, by the way, on your fit challenge.

  • Cheryl December 3, 2016   Reply →

    Excellent article! You explained everything so well and made it look so doable. I’m also doing the FIT scrapbook in and found your ideas very helpful. I love Cathy Zielski and her graphic style of scrapbooking! Thanks for taking the time to share your method! Keep up with your FIT journey!

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