Mimic MORE Paper Scrapbooking Techniques Digitally

punch through paper digitally


Time and time again, we hear scrapbookers (both digital and paper) say
they don’t want to sacrifice the tactile look of their paper pages by going digital.

Guess what? You don’t have to!


Introducing MORE Realistic Digital Scrapbooking Techniques

Following up our first, and most popular class, Keeping it Real, we’re bringing you MORE fantastic, digital techniques that mimic paper layouts!


In Keeping it Real 2, you’ll follow along with Special Guest Instructor Janelle Van Leuven and learn how to develop realistic stitching from scratch (Photoshop) or use layer styles to make stitches look more realistic (Photoshop Elements) with Instructor Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel. You’ll discover how to fold, score, create paper bumps, punch through papers — and we’ll walk you through every single step too.


By the end, you’ll know that Keeping it Real can be a solution to a freeing, more satisfying digital artistic layout!




In this completely full (and FREE) class, we’ll explore:


  • How to develop straight, textured, realistic stitching from scratch (PS).
  • When to combine blend modes and layer styles for stitching (PS).
  • How to fold, score and create paper bumps using Burn, Dodge tools.
  • How to develop straight, textured, realistic stitching not from scratch (PSE).
  • How to create isolated shadows and skip steps for a quicker process (PSE).
  • punch-through-paper process using selection tools, Brush presets, blending and layering


Your Class Includes:

  • 4 professional video lessons for BOTH Adobe Photoshop & Photoshop Elements (7 total)
  • 18-page PDF lesson guidebook separated for Photoshop & Elements with step-by-step instructions
  • A vibrant, realistic-looking digital kit by Dawn Inskip of The LilyPad
  • Bonus Stitching Styles
  • Forever access!



For Your Eyes Only!

It’s my personal mission to show creatives just how easy, fun and rewarding digital scrapbooking can be with just the right strategy. Watching creatives design pages they love using effortless techniques completely delights me.


This is your exclusive invitation to try one of my favorite Creative Strategies, Keeping it Real 2, which was plucked right out of the Champions membership. You’ll get access to my strategy plus all of the page building tools (the kits, handouts, etc.) absolutely FREE.

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