Now & Then Style Journaling

One of my favorite styles of journaling on a scrapbook page is to compare “now” to “then”. This is especially easy to do if you have photographs of your subject(s) taken at different times. Let me share a few “Now & Then” journaling style layouts to inspire you.


Example 1:

My girls attended a school where they celebrate and award a medallion with a different colored ribbon for each of the eight years of attendance. It was easy to create a layout comparing her first Medallion Ceremony to her last in eighth grade.



The journaling here sticks with the facts, letting the photos taken eight years apart tell most of the story.


Example 2:

A few years later this same daughter graduated from high school and over the years she reconnected with one of her kindergarten friends. I created a layout that highlighted their friendship now and then.



I was able to record about the excitement they had on their first day of kindergarten together and being able to celebrate their high school graduation together.


Example 3:

My last example highlights three different periods of my life showcasing my 30+ years of involvement with the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC). Yes, I was one of the gals that had the big eighties hair dancing on the field on game day. Later I danced with an alumni team where I was able to rekindle my love of dance and so many friendships with many amazing alumni. This past football season was the first year in a brand new stadium for my hometown team and I was able to dance with over 200 other alumni on the field for the first game.



I was able to document all of this through the years take on a “now & then” layout by dating the photos and journaling what being an MVC has meant to my life.


Go dig through your old photos and see if you can find some “then” photographs to compare with “now” to make your own now & then journaling style layouts.


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