Our Mission

We are an educational resource made up of a group of passionate instructors, coaches, writers, page designers, pros (all scrapbookers) that helps digital scrapbookers, like you, by providing endless creative & technical strategies so you can design beautiful digital scrapbook layouts in less time and with less frustration.


Founded by Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel in August 2013, our goal is to help you embrace technology so you can creatively tell the stories that mean the most to you and your family using the best resources technology offers us today.


Our Guiding Principles

We value Creative Exploration. We are not afraid to push the limits of our visual creativity; there’s no playing it safe here. Our students love to push their creative limits too and test the boundaries of digital crafting.


We value Super-Powered Ability. We enjoy the pursuit of mental gain and information that will help us craft and create what we desire. We study, we practice, we reframe, we learn more. We actively partner with experts to share their process. We never stop learning, stop moving forward, or stop innovating. We encourage you to grow your abilities.


We value Amplified Connections. We value the process of digging deep within yourself to connect your words and photos with your very unique life perspective. We help others tell impactful stories. And we never devalue the choices and backgrounds of others whose stories are unlike our own.


Our Students

Our students span the entire spectrum of digital scrapbookers:

  • Beginner
  • Adept
  • Master
  • Professional


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