Pick of the Month: Beddy’s

Today I am here to share yet another game changing find of mine: Beddy’s Zipper Bedding. Huh?! What in the word is zipper bedding, you ask? Zipper bedding by Beddy’s goes on your bed like a fitted sheet. It consists of two pieces that are attached by sturdy zippers with strong pull tabs on two sides so it can unzip from either side of the bed. It has a sheet and a minky blanket sewn into the comforter set for complete coverage. The top panel completely detaches to satisfy all sleeping preferences and to make washing it a breeze. In addition, they offer a large array of patterns for almost any style preference as well.


So what makes Beddy’s so game changing? All of the bedrooms in my house are quite small, so my children’s beds are pushed up against a wall. Making a bed that is pushed up against a wall has got to be one of the most difficult household chores imaginable. Forget about asking a child to do it! Now, every morning they “make” (read: zip) their bed in seconds flat! Yes, people!




If you have small bedrooms like ours, then you know that it is imperative that the beds get made every day otherwise their rooms look awful! Got bunk beds? Loft beds? Then you know that pain. One word: Beddy’s.


Another benefit of Beddy’s is that one of my boys used to ask me every night — EVERY NIGHT — to retuck his sheets in because they had come undone from the bed and he likes to be snug while he sleeps. Well, now he is snug every night and I don’t have to break my back moving his very heavy captain bed away from the wall so I can climb over it to tuck his sheets in, climb back over and then push it back against the wall. Now the only time I have to do that is after I wash his sheets. LOVE IT!


I won’t lie, they are pretty pricey. I purchased them for my children last Christmas and as my daughter likes to say, “They were a Christmas present for Mommy.” And she’s right. I absolutely love them and would buy them again. Hopefully, though, I won’t have to. They seem pretty sturdy and they washed well, so I’m hoping they’ll last for a long time. Fingers crossed.


If you have Beddy’s or have any questions, please leave a comment below. Cheers!


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  • Sky Redmann June 3, 2017   Reply →

    Love these! My daughter took them to college for her dorm bedding. The twin size fit the TwinXL in the dorm room and all she had to do was zip it up and bed was made. The next year she moved into a quad apartment and the beds were double size so we ordered that size. Fit perfectly even over a 3″ foam topper. The company was fantastic about my questions on the twin fitting the XL mattress. Great for going to college!

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