Pocket Layouts Can Be Artsy Too!

Some people think pocket scrapping is too clean and linear for their style, so they don’t try it. Even paper pocket-style layouts can be dimensional and layered with items both inside and stuck on the outside of the pockets. The beauty of digital means our pocket scrapbook layouts can LOOK thick, or sticky with paint and packed to the brim but they will still fit neatly inside a plastic sleeve or printed out in a photobook.


Yes, we all know that pocket scrapbook layouts CAN be as simple as photos, journal cards and your stories…. but that doesn’t mean that’s ALL they can be.  I’ve pulled a few pocket style layouts from my own gallery to show that using a grid style and pocket cards does not have to equal graphic and boring.


They also don’t have to be summaries of your weekly or monthly activities. I’ve often used the grid format to document my feelings for all about me type pages. The compartments themselves are a physical way to divide or differentiate. I’m sure you can think of more than a few ways to divide thoughts or stories and have the division be part of the design style.




Let’s face it, these are digital pockets not real ones, nothing is going to fall out. So there is no reason NOT to let things spill over, paint across, lay on top of other stuff. Just like on a traditional scrapbook page, elements can be hidden and tucked behind others, stacked and overlapped, hanging off the edge. My favorite pages are ones that people reach out and touch because they look so real.




Those grids aren’t set in stone. Treat them as you would any empty canvas. And remember those little rectangles, they are merely design hints. Merge them, shrink them, tilt them, make them what you need them to be for YOUR design. Pocket layouts don’t have to include a lot of photos. Sometimes a pocket card itself can inspire an entire layout.




Get messy, paint just like you could grab a watercolor set and a paint brush. You can do the same with watercolor brushes or other paints in Photoshop. They work perfectly on journal cards to add a little pizzazz. If there is word art on the card, it’s fairly simple to pull it onto its own layer and clip it on top of your paint so that it’s still legible.




I hope that you’ve picked up a few tips on the Scrapaneers blog this month to spice up your pocket-style scrapbook layouts or maybe you’ve been inspired to give it a whirl! Do you have a favorite tip to make your pocket layouts a little artsy? Please share it with us.

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  • bestsides November 20, 2015   Reply →

    Nice article, Stacy. I’m a fan of your PL style layouts.

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