Pocket Scrapping – Choosing a Color Scheme

Today I finished up my Pocket Scrapping layouts from August 2015 and again kept it pretty simple. The biggest design decision I faced this week was choosing a color scheme as there was not a common color that stood out in the bulk of my photos. In the end, I decided on a bright green and bright pink color scheme and am pretty happy with the way it turned out.


Here’s a look at the whole layout:



Before we get into how I decided upon this color scheme, let’s talk about some other design decisions I made along the way. Let’s look at a close up of the left side:



Once again, I decided to use the same title card from week to week, changing only the colors. Since I had three great photos of my kids boogie boarding, I knew I wanted them to take up the larger photo spots. Since my younger two were using boogie boards that were the same color and they both had a lot of wave action going on, I decided to place them next to each other. Fortunately, the were both looking towards the middle of the page which is something I always try to do with edge photos. I then unified them with word art that overlapped both photos. My other son’s photo took the top spot. (Notice he is facing the center as well.)


Since the photo of the three girls in the cowboy hats didn’t come out great, I decided to convert it to black and white. I placed another photo of them at the ice cream parlor across the page for balance and placed a journal card in the center. I found a cute ice cream .png in the Paislee Press Summer Vibes kit, so I added it to the journal card. And here’s when I started thinking about my colors.


As you can see, there was not one particular color that stood out in most of the photos, instead there was a variety of colors. However, in looking at the page, the bright green of the boogie boards was the color that captured my eye more than any other color. So rather than fight it. I embraced it, and made it my primary color. However, there really wasn’t another dominant color on the page, so I went about laying out the page without making a decision on my secondary color yet. When I got to creating the journal card on this page, the ice cream .png was all black. I knew I had to recolor it, so I decided to use the green and after playing around a bit, decided that pink was a good ice cream color and it looked great with the green.


Now let’s look at the right side:



For this page, I decided to lay the photos out chronologically since I still had to place some more vacation photos along with a photo in the car of us heading home as well as some photos from a soccer tournament the kids played in when we got home. It just made the most sense to me. Because I had a few extra photos to include, I again altered my template to fit my needs, breaking the top left and bottom right 6×4 spots in to 2-3×4 spots each. The photo on the top right had a weird crop to it that kept it from fitting the 6×4 spot correctly, so I cut off the bottom and made it into a Polaroid type spot. I like the variety it offered.


Since that photo now had an area to write on, I added a title to it and then proceeded to write on two other photos diagonal to it using the same font. The center photo wasn’t a great shot and since I had a black and white photo on the other page, I decided to convert it too. Again, all of these decisions were made to unify the layout.


Finally, I brought in the colors from the other page by adding a color block on the journal card and recoloring the word art from Paislee Press’s Summer Vibes kit.


And there you have it, how I made the decisions I did while working on this layout. Until next month…

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