Pocket Scrapping – Keeping it Simple

Hello again! Jen here to share one of my pocket scrapping layouts with you. As I stated last month, I fell off the pocket scrapping wagon a while ago and decided to publicly commit to hop back on by writing a monthly column for Scrapaneers about my journey. Since my last post, I did a little housekeeping and created my first layout in a long time and have learned a few more things along the way. The biggest lesson I learned? Keeping it simple.


Let’s begin by sharing my layout:



As you can see, it’s a pretty basic Pocket Scrapping layout. A title card, a few photos, a few journal and filler cards and only one element. I repeat, only one element! Now that’s simple. After reviewing my layouts last month, I decided to keep using the same title card each week for consistency and the same template, which you can see below.



Here’s a close up of the left side:



This week, however, I did decide to tweak it a bit on the right side. Instead of three spots on the second row, I only used two. Here’s what I did:


Step One: Delete the Left Photo Spot

Select the photo spot you want to delete with the Move tool and….wait for it…hit the Delete key.


Step Two: Move the Center Photo Spot

Using the Move tool, Click + Shift on the center spot and drag it to the left until it lines up with the left edges of the top and bottom row. Holding the Shift key while you do this ensures that the bottom edges stay aligned.


Step Three: Elongate the Right Photo Spot

Using the Move tool, click on the right photo spot to select it. Hit CMD (CTRL if using a PC) + T to bring up the transform handles. Click on the center left handle and stretch it out until it lines up with left edges of the top and bottom photos.


Once the layout of the template was changed I changed the color of the journal spots from black to white. So simple:


Step Four: Change the Color of the Journal Spots

Using the Move tool, select the spot that will be used for journaling. Making sure the foreground color is set to white, (Hit D to set the colors to the default black and white, then hit X to swap the black foreground with the white background) click on the Paint Bucket tool (or G) and click on the spot(s) you wish to change to white.


By doing this, I was able to clip a photo to half of the photo spot on the right and add some word art to the left side of it for some variety. Here’s a close up of the right page:



All in all, it was a pretty fast layout to put together and I really like the simplicity of it. Believe it or not, the part I perseverated on the most was in choosing my fonts. I could not decide on what type of font to use. Because of the journal card I used, I ultimately went with a typewriter font and am happy with the results. The only other thing I didn’t like was the soccer photo on the left page. In my editing, I couldn’t get the colors right. Eventually, I had to put it in perspective and just let it be. I don’t really think my kids or grandkids are going to care that the tones in that photo are different from the tones in the others. Do you?


Come on back next month when I share another layout, some of the design choices I make and a tip or two. Until next time…

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